Terrific Story and Storytelling

Published March 29, 2011 by Jon Dahlander

This series of videos should be seen by everyone in the city of Dallas. They showcase the best of what our community can do when we unite behind a common purpose. 

The story is not simply how one student and his mother were raised up by the community; it’s about how the community had to be created and mobilized to even begin this effort.  Originally, Project 24 started with just a few people in West Dallas but it grew to involve people like Norman Henry with Builders of Hope and Big Al Mack from KISS-FM. Organizations such as Park Cities Presbyterian Church, the Rees-Jones Foundation and Education is Freedom each stepped up at the right time. The Dallas ISD Teen Board helped spread the word and collected spare change from students everywhere.  Jared’s teammates, coaches and players throughout the city all pitched in many meaningful ways. Norma Villegas, principal at Pinkston, showed tremendous leadership in connecting all of these people, organizations and resources together.

YouPlusDallas did this movement justice. This is real reality TV at its finest.