Top Restaurant in Dallas, York Street Restaurant, Closes

Yes, York Street is closing, but the love for Sharon Hage lives on

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In our ongoing coverage of Dallas restaurants, we mark the closing of one of the top Dallas restaurants, York Street.  Earlier this year, we asked more than 50 of Dallas' top chefs where they like to eat on their night off. The resounding winner?  York Street, the upscale Lakewood bistro helmed by legendary chef and James Beard award winner, Sharon Hage. 

Will the popular Ms. Hage invent a new concept? The story is unwritten. But we thought this was the perfect time for the chef community ‚ which in Dallas is very close, interconnected, and caring‚ to give a little love to one of its most talented members. Thanks to Dunia Borga of La Duni, Graham Dodds of Bolsa, Jamie Samford of Winn Meat Co., Janice Provost of Parigi and others for sharing with us their respect for Sharon Hage.  Here's to Sharon and her staff for creating one of the Dallas' best restaurants ever.

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