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You+Media presents the Big Freeze

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Have you ever watched the red carpet events at the Grammys, The Emmys or the Golden Globes and wondered what it would be like to be on the red carpet?  You+Media recently introduced the Big Freeze to Dallas to showcase how meeting planners can use the power of Hollywood entertainment and video to create the ultimate experience for guests.  We recently created a similar experience for Cadillac and Supreme Golf at  the Crowne Plaza Invitational at the Colonial and at the Dallas ComicCon.

The Big Freeze isn't just a unique experience; it's a branding giant. Nearly every square foot of the camera rig is available for branding. Valued clients and event attendees can create their own Big Freeze moment, share the experience on iPad kiosks, download their own effect, and send their images immediately to Facebook.

The social media reach of Big Freeze moments creates a larger awareness of your event or your organization's cause. Take your event to the next level by providing your guests with this exclusive experience. 


For information about The Big Freeze, call You+Media at 214.447.7492 or email at

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