Stuck at DFW Airport

Being stranded overnight in the DFW Airport has its perks.

While on their way home from photographing Formula Drift Palm Beach, Larry Chen and Joe Ayala found ourselves stranded over night in Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) as their flights home were canceled. 

Just about every person living in DFW have flown out of DFW Airport and with somee degree of confidence, we can state that each of us have experienced flight delays.  So how do you entertain yourself at the airport if you are stranded overnight?  Now, the attention by the authorities is probably a good reason for not following in their footsteps, we have to acknowledge their imagination and ability to capture their antics on camera.  If you were stranded overnight at DFW Airport, what would you do to entertain yourself? 

It has been a few months since this video was posted on the net, but the video is very well done and worth the view.  You can see more of their work at


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