Second Glances - Behind the Scenes

The experience of creating a Bible-inspired film in 168 hours

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Producer Brandon Carmichael talks about the process of creating the film, lauding Chris Wiegand for his vision as well as the cast and crew for lining up behind him so well. Alan Tregoning and Jason Walter Vaile explain the inspiration behind the film (Psalm 13: 4-6) with the intent of creating "good, Christian media and make it fun to watch and exciting."

Wiegand mentions his disappointment that there was no dialogue in this particular feature (because he loves the challenge), but instead he focused on the music - bringing in Jordan Critz who created original lyrics and music for this piece. 


With 168 hours and a Bible verse, a team of very talented writers, editors, actors, musicians and cameramen came together to integrate scripture into film. There were 89 submissions to the 168 Hour Film Project, and "Second Glances" walked away with Best Editor and Best Sound Design. This is the making of "Second Glances", nominated for Best Behind The Scenes Documentary. 

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