Project 24: The Jared Williams Story, Episode 6

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In this episode, we are introduced to Eddie Canales who runs a wonderful organization, Grid Iron Heroes, a non profit organization created to help student athletes who have suffered a spinal cord injury. Grid Iron Heroes plays an invaluable role of supporting these young men well beyond the initial injury.

We learn from Coach DeVille from Molina High School about one of his athletes who suffered a spinal cord injury on the one year anniversay of Jared's spinal cord injury. Once again, the YouPlusDallas staff witnesses first hand the grace that Jared Williams exhibits as he and his family reach out to help Diondre Preston and his family.


This episode chronicles the day a number of high school athletes from 12 different schools participated in an event to help landscape the William's home.  This one event exemplifies how Jared has touched so many people in Dallas.


Jared and his mother's faith in God permeates this entire story. Jared says "Anything can be taken from you at any time". In his case, his life totally changed, yet Jared Williams is building a new life. Jared Williams is a remarkable young man.


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