OK Buckaroos with Gilley's Centerpiece Party

Also, moments with Jerry Jeff Walker, Patrick Tourville, Dunhiill Rose and the Blood of Eagles

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YouPlusDallas's Hilary Kennedy walks the red carpet at the Dallas International Film Festival to talk with film creators about their perspectives. Writer/Director, Dunhill Rose speaks about his passion for independent film and the heart in the stories people get to tell. Patrick Tourville, while standing next to the legendary Jerry Jeff Walker, recalls when he had heard Jerry Jeff on the radio back in the 70s - later inspiring Tourville to create the film "OK Buckaroos". This is why we love the DIFF.

Over the course of the last week YouPlusDallas has interviewed Ann-Margret, Dennis Quaid, Bethany Hamilton and Jerry Jeff Walker as well as a plethora of other amazing folks about their films, and we have to agree with Rob & Connor Allyn ("The Blood of Eagles") on this one - this is a great festival, and it gets stronger every year.

From the red carpet to the screening to the Q&A and finally to the after-party, complete with live music, food, drinks and a bucking bronco, we have loved every minute of the Dallas International Film Festival this year.

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