Jonathan Nickerson Does Dallas Comic Con 2011

Learn about the extraordinary Dallas fans in costumes and capes

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Dallas ComicCon 2012 Takes Place May 19-20 at the Irving Convention Center located at 500 W Las Colinas Blvd in Irving, TX.

This year, YouPlusDallas will be on the scene with the Big Freeze, a 360-degree camera experience. All weekend, we will be taking photos of you glorious ComicCon attendees on the 4th floor of the Convention Center, located near the Grand Ballroom. Make sure to come say hey (or say hello in Klingon, give us a Chewbacca howl, whatever)!

We can't decide if Jonathan Nickerson is a supervillain, a superhero or a super dork at the 2011 Dallas ComicCon. The masked vigilantes and caped crusaders of DFW come together for the most incredible event of its kind in North Texas, and YouPlusDallas came out to support and catch it all on camera.

The convention was held at the new Irving Convention Center with 300,000 square feet of alternate realities and secret identities revealed. Plenty of fans caught Leonard Nimoy (Spock), Stan Lee (supergenius), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and other big names on camera. Personally, we really wanted to show the awesome Dallas ComicCon attendees. This year had everything from some serious, lightsaber-wielding Jedis to a creepy Spider-Man to a drunk Thor to a nameless Scottish warrior to Jonathan's future wife...ahem.

ComicCon 2010 was fun, but it was nothing like this. Hopefully, at this year's Dallas ComicCon 2012, Nickerson will stop geeking out over all the pretty ladies in capes, but not likely. Stay super Dallas!

What are you most looking forward to at Dallas ComicCon 2012? Tell us here!

YouPlusDallas Pictures: Dallas ComicCon 2011

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