In-N-Out Is Excited to be In Texas

The COO and Frisco Store Manager get pumped about being in Dallas

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It's a good sign for any restaurant when folks line up around the block, two days in advance for their food. Most venues might even allow themselves to get a little cocky about it, but not In-N-Out . Meet the COO of In-N-Out Burger, Mark Taylor, as we catch him on film saying, "We take nothing for granted. We are only as good as the last burger we serve, you know?" 

The excitement and anticipation for the burger joint were almost palpable the day they opened. Scott Bayliss, the Store Manager for the first In-N-Out in Texas, couldn't keep a smile off his face when he talked about opening the doors to their first location in Texas. He describes In-N-Out and Texas like peas and carrots (yes, we ate up the food analogy,) they were just made for each other!

Also, you can catch a glimpse of G Spook, the first In-N-Out customer not only in Frisco or Dallas but across the entire great state of Texas!

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