Gorilla vs. Bear Festival

The Granada Theater hosts the inaugural Gorilla vs. Bear Fest in Dallas, Texas

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Ah, the inaugural Gorilla vs. Bear Festival. The Dallas-based music blog created by the illustrious Chris Cantalini, heralded by Newsweek, Rolling Stone and The New York Times, held the first-of-its-kind festival at the new and improved Granada Theater.

Tweets such as “Hey @granadatheater, great AC” read on the projection screens that drape the stage. “Is it weird to say it’s cold in here?” DJ Sober asks, in reference to the oven that is the Dallas summer heat, and the welcomed icebox that is now the Granada Theater.

A sizeable crowd arrived early as Dreamed, the opening act, took the stage.  The first few acts of #gvbfest made for a different concert experience – no one danced or sang along – it was more like an observance of lo-fi beats paired with relatively little motion.

The house was finally packed by the time Pure X hit the stage to play their old-school-meets-electronic sound reminiscent of the Foos “Stacked Actors.” 

Cheers and applause erupted when Preteen Zenith (finally) arrived onstage for their debut, Tim DeLaughter bearing a candle, wearing a blazing green shirt-poncho, as if the 1970s had been preserved in time, then released on the Granada stage. DeLaughter moves like Mika and performs like a Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat revival.

Preteen Zenith primed the stage for White Denim, otherwise referenced as the “best band in Texas,” by Granada Theater staff. They brought the thunder – the bass pounded so hard our crew almost fell over.

YouPlusDallas would like to extend a major thanks to the Granada Theater staff for their hospitality, White Denim for the use of their recorded track in our video and Chris Cantalini for his creative genius.

Song: “Shake Shake Shake” by White Denim

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