Downtown on a College Budget - Behind the Scenes

A (Very Hot) Day in the Life of YouPlusDallas Interns

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YouPlusDallas Interns get do to a lot of things. There are the thrilling times, like being in front of a camera, talking to a celeb or reporting on an event. There are the not so thrilling times, like ingesting endless amount of footage, preparing lunch or doing manual labor. But one thing YouPlusDallas interns are never denied is an incredible opportunity. 

On a particularly sweaty Wednesday, five interns set out to do the seemingly impossible: create a two to three minute video about something in Downtown Dallas. But with Anna Kiappes at the helm and one very good sport of a boy, the impossible somehow came together. 

From the Nasher Scultpure Center to the flagship Neiman Marcus, they covered it all. They carried heavy bags, ate Mexican food, and played with dogs; but most importantly, they worked together to make something they could be proud to put their names on. Nothing could stand in their way of showing how to conquer Downtown on a college budget; not even the audio mishap that almost completely derailed the start of filming. (They may have had to call in a little help when this occurred… maybe.)  

At the end of a very educational summer, four girls and one amiable boy set out without the help or guidance of any actual YouPlusDallas employees. This is what happened. ï»¿

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