Deep Ellum's 8-Track Museum

Deep Ellum is home to the world's first 8-track museum

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You have an iPod. You believe this is the greatest invention for your eardrums, as well as for mankind. Your worldview spans the beauty of Apple commercials, and the idea that an MP3 player won't reserve you a spot in the popular crowd. Your CD collection is stockpiling dust in your closet, and you have to consult Wikipedia to find out what a "vinyl" is.
Bucks Burnett has something for you. On February 14, 2011, Burnett opened The 8-Track Museum, the world's first 8-track museum in Deep Ellum. Names of legends such as Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Frank Sinatra, Cat Stevens, and Neil Young pile up in plastic casing, climbing across shelves and forming into displays that cover the walls of his tiny studio space.
The 8-track museum is also home to a variety of other sound formats such as four-tracks and wax cylinders that are seen among his thousands of 8-track tapes. Burnett's museum pays homage to the "magic piece of plastic" that revolutionized our listening pleasure as we know it.

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