Cedars Open Studios and American Beauty Mill Gallery Open Their Doors Nov. 17th

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This year’s Cedar Open Studios tour tops out with the work from over 80 local artists including 3 large group shows; from South Side Lamar to Hardwood St., C.O.S. banners will hang form the gates of art studios that our open to visitors.  The best way to experience this journey through Dallas’ hidden art scene is to join the Cedars Open Studios Bike Tour.  Join the ride at 3:00 PM at the South Side Lamar (1521 Hickory Street), this guided tour will lead you past the Cedars’ art hotspots like:

RE gallery + studio - Organized by UTA professor Wanda Dye, will show off the work of  40 artists gifted in the media of recycled art, fashion, and architecture. RE Gallery just so happens to be located next to Lee Harvey’s, the Cedars’ best watering hole.


Bowman Glass - One of the original creators of the Cedars Open Studios, Jim and his wife have been developing their expression in glass inDallas since 1978. Nov. 19th at 5pm they share that expression every year by doing a live demonstration, out of their 5,000 square foot studio, located at 1419-c Griffin St. This studio is a favorite every year!


ABM Gallery - Located at 2400S. Ervay, will have 20 artists displaying their work. Joining the party is the Beauty Mill Brew Club, an amazing local group of people that have home brews on tap for guests. Performing at the event are DJ Chris Gonzo, Chris Casey, The Blackout Room and Markdown Madness.  It’s a feast for all senses!


This is the 10th year of Cedars Open Studios, and it continues to grow in scope and skill every year. Located due south of the Farmers Market on Hardwood, Nov. 17th is your one chance to enter artists’ studios & experience the artists’ way of life.  Visit www.cedarsopenstudios.com to print out a map and then head to the south side ofDallas.

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