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Have you ever considered the side of a building to be a canvas? Or, how about a train? We see graffiti everyday in Dallas. Sometimes it will catch your eye, one way or another, and it makes you wonder why and who? Graffiti walks a fine line in many folks’ minds, but there are a talented, dedicated few who value and pursue it as a means of expression. Dallas's Infinity Crew is one such group of masters elevating what is commonly misconstrued as vandalism to a serious and powerful form of art.

Enjoy the ride as we cruise through the streets of Deep Ellum and Cedars to uncover some of Dallas's best graffiti. It's amazing really: the placement, the design, the originality of each artist's style draws the critic deeper and deeper. Throughout the narration we learn about the planning and the details and the intricacy.

These are very talented, outspoken folks using Dallas's urban landscape as their canvas. Here is a shout out to Ras, Ozone, Chosen, Marka, Abis, Vert, Teks, Ergo, Debt, NBK, SCB, TV, Soner, Hecke, Orlie, Minus One and Chino and all the other graffiti artists who have made the Dallas urban-scape more colorful.

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