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Baby Back Shak’s New Look

Posted by    |    March 28th, 2014 at 7:47 pm

It was lunch time and I needed to go to Baby Back Shak. As I pulled into their parking lot and realized they weren’t open, I almost had a nervous breakdown. I’m glad I didn’t do anything rash in my desperation, because later, I would learn that they were only temporarily closed for remodeling. I finally got my fix today.









I remember noting, during my first visit to Baby Back Shak, that the place was quite dark on the inside and very modestly decorated. I didn’t mind, though, because it reminded me of Freddy’s BBQ Joint on House Of Cards –  no windows, no fluff, just ridiculously good ribs. I wish I had taken photos then, because the before/after comparison is amazing.


Baby Back Shak is now even more wonderful with its new front door, wall of windows, and bright red exterior featuring a caricature of the King Of Barbecue himself, owner Clarence Cohens. All the new details on the inside, including a lit up “BBQ” sign and sturdy aluminum chairs, will make your heavenly lunch that much more delightful. The place still has that same good old hometown feeling – the new changes simply add a little more flavor to the atmosphere.


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I had a rib plate with potato salad and beans. The ribs fell right off the bone in all their uniquely flavorful glory, the potato salad was fresh and delicious, and the beans were awesome. I thought those were my favorite items on the menu until I tasted (and then ate most of) my friend’s spicy green beans.


Baby Back Shak is located at 1800 S Akard St in South Dallas. You’ll probably see me there a lot this Summer. I apologize in advance for the sauce all over my face.

Open Mic Night @ Poor David’s Pub

Posted by    |    February 20th, 2014 at 8:13 pm

Last night was Open Mic Night at Poor David’s Pub in South Dallas – a weekly Wednesday occasion hosted by Mr. Troll of Dallas Area Open Mic Nights. I knew it was going to be a good night when I walked in and heard Weezer’s Blue Album was playing in its entirety while the crowd waited. It got even better when Mr. Troll personally welcomed and introduced himself to me. He kicked off the show with three of his own original songs, then introduced the rest of the performers, one of which was Poor David himself!


Play guitar? Like to sing? Wanna perform? Just show up next Wednesday and drop your name in the bucket. Judging by last night’s performances, you’ll be in good company. Plus, they have cameras set up so you can purchase a YouTube-ready video of your performance afterward. And if you don’t fancy performing, but want something fun and cheap to do on a Wednesday night, I’d highly recommend stopping in for some good drinks and free entertainment.

South Dallas In The Snow

Posted by    |    February 12th, 2014 at 7:31 pm

South Side in the Snow (2)

Actual snow is an unusual thing here in Texas. When it comes to “arctic blasts,” harsh ice and sleet are about all we get, and it’s never fun. Have you seen Frozen yet? That “eternal winter” the kingdom gets trapped in? That’s an enviable situation, in my opinion, compared to intense Texas winter weather. You can’t make cute snow angels with your little sister in half-solid, half-marshy, dirt-sprinkled ice clumps. You can’t build Frosty The Snowman with golf ball-sized hail. You just can’t. Very painful “snowball” fights which often result in injuries are about as Disney-montage-worthy as it gets. Last Friday, though, something magical happened. It snowed. Like… actual, real, genuine snow. The kind that falls softly and slowly from the sky, sugar-coating men’s beards and settling on window panes oh-so picturesquely. Some friends and I were in South Dallas for lunch and decided to stop by the NYLO and South Side at Lamar to capture this rare occasion.

Nylo in the Snow (1)

That soft, silent snowfall was certainly peaceful, but after a few minutes of shooting, we were too pathetically cold to really take it all in. We warmed  up at the Baby Back Shak on South Akard with some of the best ribs, beans, and coleslaw I’ve ever had in my life (more details on that heavenly lunch to come soon!).

South Side in the Snow (1)
Nylo in the Snow (3)
Nylo in the Snow (2)