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Uber, Dallas City Council and the Status Quo

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Uber provides one of the best personal transportation experiences ever.  In return for providing a great service, Uber has irked the existing taxicab establishment and Dallas City Council who regulates and makes money off of cab services.  Sadly, the Dallas City Council chooses to ignore that locals and out-of-town guests enjoy and want Uber’s great service, which, among other things, is lauded by its loyal customers for its prompt service, great drivers, the cleanliness of the cars, the cost, and the ability to share cab fares.  Most importantly, Uber is safe, prompting many who would otherwise drive at night after a few to leave their cars at home and use Uber.

On August 28th, City Council plans to vote to force Uber to apply for operating authority as a limousine company from the city which will force Uber to operate under rules that will degrade its service and add costs that will have to be passed on to its loyal customers.   This cannot be good for the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, as many key decision makers for conventions are Uber users.  How does Dallas City Council’s actions help the Omni, the NYLO, the Adolphus Hotel, and the Dallas Hyatt Regency?  The next time City Council elections come around, remember Uber.  We certainly will.



DMA Does Downton Abbey

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

This is a well done parody of the Downton Abbey Series featuring Max Anderson as Lord Grantham and Catherine Rose and Jennifer Karol as his daughters.  Mayor Mike Rawlings played the role of valet, and  John Eagle as the butler.  Most importantly, the DMA’s 101-year-old patron Margaret McDermott played Dame Maggie Smith’s role.  We are happy the Mayor will keep his day job.  Elaine Agather ably stood in for Laura Linney, showing that banking skills are indeed transferable to other endeavors.  We at YouPlus Media tip our hats to the cast and production crew.  Bravo!

The Future of Television, Part One

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

So why is it important to watch The Future of Television According to Tara Maitra, VP & GM, Content Services at TiVo ?

TiVo freed consumers from the dictates of network television executives by giving us the ability to record and watch our favorite television shows when we want.  TiVo introduced the fast forward function, allowing us to skip annoying commercials.  And particularly in a sports-centric town like Dallas with five professional sports teams, we never have to miss a game. Admit it.  TiVo changed your life.

Television is going through another transformation as companies such as TiVo begin enabling consumers to more easily manage and broadcast web content and movies on demand along side traditional television content on their 50-inch HD screens.

Before you answer the question, take the rest of the week and chronicle how much time you spend watching online videos.  Have you purchased an iPad?  Do you regularly visit Hulu and You Tube?  Of course you do.  Would you like to easily manage and view web content on your large, HD television screens? Absolutely.  Is this trend one of the major reasons we created YouPlus Media?  You bet!

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Board of Directors of TiVo.

Note:  Tara Maitra was on “Media Bytes,” a show hosted by Shelly Palmer.  She did a very nice job of explaining the new TiVo Premiere.

Endorsement From Someone Smarter Than Us

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Bill Steding is a very smart man. He made his fortune in radio, then semi-retired to be a media consultant, get his PhD., and become a blogger for Ameritecture where he opines on a wide variety of fascinating topics. We asked him what he thought of our new site, hoping he would say something like “it’s good” or “not too shabby.” Instead we got this [read after the jump] which is well, just read it!