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Mustang Football Season Preview

Posted by    |    August 14th, 2011 at 4:16 pm

The Mustangs have now had two decent seasons and a bowl win under their belt (as well as a very poorly played and frustrating bowl game).  Now they are ready to take the next step: win C-USA.

SMU had the best recruiting class in about 25 years.  Margus Hunt is back after surgery, and is better than ever.  The offensive line now has six senior starters, and is stronger and faster than ever.  The defense is improving by leaps and bounds, and SMU continues to reload at the wide receiver position.  Aldrick Robinson is gone to the NFL, but Terrance Wilkerson (a three year player who can replace Robinson) is back from injury.  Derrick Johnson is a deep threat, and there is a solid incoming class.

Now for the [skinny] elephant in the room: Kyle Padron.  This gentleman did not have a great season last year (though it was OK).  The Achilles heal (on offense) of the team in critical situations was the inability to convert passes in critical situations.  One of the reasons for this was that other teams knew SMU was going to pass 4 out of five times any time it was third and >5 yards to go.  The other problem was that Padron would not adjust is said situations (rather, he would stare down his primary receiver and force in a pass). (more…)

TCU 2011 Outlook– Schedule

Posted by    |    June 7th, 2011 at 9:35 pm

Seventh time’s a charm; TCU tours the Mountain West one last time in 2011.

The Frogs open 2011 with a pair of very similar road games.  Both come against familiar foes—Baylor has played TCU three times since 2006, including last year’s “game” in Fort Worth.  Air Force has been a conference opponent for seven years running.  Both opponents feature senior quarterbacks, experienced skill players, and aggressive defenses, and both teams need to recover some dignity after suffering thorough beatdowns in Fort Worth last season.  TCU cannot afford a loss at either opponent if it wishes to play in a meaningful bowl, and needs to settle a lot of first-time starting jitters—without the benefit of a cupcake opponent at home.

The Frogs’ success in Waco and in Colorado Springs, perhaps more than its other opponents in the first half of the season, will hinge on how successfully Casey Pachall can leverage success on the ground into success in the air.  This was the formula by which Andy Dalton led TCU to the fore of the Mountain West, and will be the key to Pachall continuing the Frogs’ dominance in that conference for a final year.  So the question on this first pair of road games is going to be, after the threshold questions of basic competence about which Frogs fans have every reason to be confident, how well will the offensive line keep Baylor’s and Air Force’s pass-rush out of the pocket, and how well will the line blow open holes for TCU’s parade of talented tailbacks? (more…)

Southern Methodist 2011 Outlook

Posted by    |    May 16th, 2011 at 11:06 am

This is the spring of Year Four of the June Jones revival on the Hilltop. Nobody questions that coach Jones has brought the Mustangs to a higher plateau, or that the Ponies are going to be bowl eligible most years. But, in a subtle tribute to Jones’s success, that’s no longer enough. This team probably isn’t going to contend for the non-cartel’s autobid to a BCS bowl (emphasis on probably) but the Wimple believes it will show consistency on offense fit to match its aggressive style of defense. It will not take an upset for SMU to snag eight wins in the regular season.

SMU’s insurance policy on Kyle Padron is a transfer from New Mexico State, J.J. McDermott. (more…)

Reflecting on SMU’s Bowl Game

Posted by    |    January 4th, 2011 at 1:54 pm

I didn’t write a preview for the SMU-Army game because it would have been boring, and I didn’t write a review immediately after the game because I was pissed.  I have finally had the urge to discuss the game, and I wanted to do it by writing out the first thing that came to mind.  None of this article has been planned out (or really thought out), so I will dub this my first ever mouth-diarrhea game reflection.

In my preview [which I didn't write] I would have said- “don’t worry about it all you SMU fans…Army can’t defend at all, and the only think they can do on offense is run it…which is what SMU defends against the best.”  I was right, except I obviously missed a few caveats.

First: Even when an opponent can’t defend, you can still make them look good by shooting yourself in the foot, then finding your other foot and shooting that one too.


TCU takes down SMU

Posted by    |    September 30th, 2010 at 12:29 pm

I’ve said it before: a good running game covers a multitude of sins. Both the SMU Mustangs and the TCU Horned Frogs proved the truth of that sentiment again in Dallas on Friday.

Mustang sophomore Zach Line was SMU’s mistake-covering medicine, rushing out of a very cleverly executed draw passed the Horned Frogs’ overpursuing linebacker twice in a row for 15 and then 21 yards to open the Mustangs’ second drive of the game. Line broke free out of the same play early in the fourth for 29 yards and a touchdown, capping a 139 yard day. Fourteen of SMU’s points came on drives extended largely due to Line’s remarkable running.

The mistakes that Zach Line’s running covered were many. Kyle Padron completed only 40 percent of his passes, and was pressured, hurried, hit, and sacked early and often. The Mustang offensive line just didn’t have the moxie to hang the Frogs’ defensive onslaught.