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Texas A&M on Firing Coach Mike Sherman

Posted by    |    December 3rd, 2011 at 9:23 am

In the latest saga that is Aggie, Texas A&M unceremoniously fired Coach Mike Sherman.  Our burnt orange-tinted view is that Sherman is a class act.  His firing is a good lesson in how not to treat people.  We have heard from fifth hand sources, so read this with some degree of skepticism, that President Loftin told Bill Byrne to fire coach Sherman. Byrne then called the media first and that is why word leaked out before Coach Sherman was informed.  We have a hard time thinking the Texas A&M would allow this to happen, so we will continue to follow the story.

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Q: What was your message to the team last night and how disappointed were you that you didn’t get to tell them in person?
A: “Well, I was disappointed on a couple fronts there, that it had leaked out previous to my own knowledge and my ability to sit down with my family. A football family is totally connected and they’re very defensive. I have five kids and they’re so protective of their dad and what’s said. I can handle anything, I don’t put a whole lot of stock in what’s said usually, because 90 percent of time it’s not true. But they are very protective of their dad and their husband. So I would have liked to have that opportunity, that they didn’t have to experience that on their own. I wish I’d have had an opportunity to tell the team before it was let out, but I didn’t, so we made the most of the situation. My message to them was to win the ballgame. My message to them was they are good football team. Don’t let anybody tell them anything different. My message to them was simply, be great men and men of character.”

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