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Air Force Falcons 2011 Football Outlook

Posted by    |    March 21st, 2011 at 9:24 pm

First in the spring series of previews of each of TCU’s opponents (in the order they complete spring drills) is the Air Force Academy.  Come 2011, AFA may feature its best offense in a generation, given the amount of returning experience it will have on that side of the ball.  Four starting linemen, the quarterback, both tailbacks, and three of the four receivers on the two deep return.  Really there is only one key cog to replace: fullback.  

AFA is auditioning three tailbacks and one a third-string backup at fullback to replace Jared Tew (pictured) and Nathan Walker’s production at fullback.

But the Falcon attack, that’s a big piece of the pie.  Seniors Jared Tew and Nathan Walker took 31 percent of the Falcons’ carries for 27 percent of their ground yards and 25 percent of their rushing touchdowns in 2010.  Three converted tailbacks, juniors Wesley Cobb and Anthony LaCoste and Brent Michaels are in the running to replace that production.   LaCoste and Michaels came to mind when Calhoun hinted in February that fullback “might be one of those spots where a young guy might be able to come in and get some snaps.” Cobb, who has a season of practice at the position, seemed to be in the lead early.  He is a touch small at 5-8, 195 pounds, hoping for 215 by August.  “I’m a little undersized but I bring a degree of tenacity,” Cobb said.  He says may have to settle for 205.  Junior Mike DeWitt (who was out most of last season with a knee injury), DeWitt is bigger, at 6-1 and 215 pounds, and is the only player who came to Air Force specifically to play the position.  He is still practicing with a knee brace, but said that he should ditch the brace after spring ball.There are a few more questions in the defense… 

…If brackets and basketball just fill your daily recommended allowance of vitamin F– meaning football, of course– you can read the the rest of this post at the TCU Channel.