UT Baseball Meets South Park

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Texas Good?

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Texas Good now means Texas average. Will 2013 be more of the same or will UT turn the corner?

College Football All-Time Wins: Do You Care? Does Anybody?

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Texas has more wins than any other major college football program except Michigan. I see this referenced, never discussed. I’ve got two theories:

1) Nobody cares. Really.

2) Discussing All-Time Wins is too “We Are The Jones-ish.” Talking about wallet size, dedicated networks, and monster-size scoreboards only invites questions about “why don’t you win more conference titles?” .. . . or “why can’t you ever beat Kansas State?” . . . or . . . . well, basically any number of things dealing with scoreboard results rather than dimensions.

So why bring this topic up now? No good reason other than I got curious and started digging around. I am sharing what I found here but must remind you that the first rule of All-Time Wins Club is you don’t talk about All-Time Wins Club.


BREAKING: College Station Being College Station

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What would we do without aggie? Without their compass, always pointing south, like the recently-rediscovered Viking navigation crystal used to find the sun from the arctic circle (no, I am not making this up) we might fear we were lost. We might wind up in Belgium.

I had occasion to retain the services of a professional this week, and I don’t mean the kind you meet on South Congress who smell like a a heavy metal band’s smoke machine. I’d waited some time for this guy to be available, because he was said to be the best at what he did in the central Texas area. His prompt, efficient staff herded me into his office, where I shook his hand and quickly found that he understood my situation a lot better than I did, and had it under control. And there was a Texas A&M University diploma, big as Dallas, right there on his office wall.


Back Home: Big Ten Division Thoughts and Sweet Missouri Valley Conference Expansion

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I’m finally back from a spring break vacation in Arizona (80 degrees for the White Sox spring training game that I attended last Wednesday compared to 30 degrees for Opening Day in Chicago yesterday), so let’s get a few updates since I haven’t posted in awhile:

(1) Big Ten Divisions – It appears that the Big Ten office is heeding the calls for the “Keep It Simple Stupid” approach of dividing the soon-to-be 14-team conference into East and West divisions, with Michigan State heading East with Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers and Maryland, the West having Illinois, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota and the only debate being where Indiana and Purdue will be placed.  IU-PU will then be the only protected cross-division rivalry.  Assuming that this comes true, my message to the Big Ten office is the following: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!