2012 MLB Preview; American League

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American League Preview: Two straight pennants and World Series losses, not this time. Foreshadow! More like a give away…

American League East
1. Tampa Bay Rays
2. New York Yankees WC
3. Boston Red Sox
4. Toronto Blue Jays
5. Baltimore Orioles


Unorthodox start here, but I’ll go backwards with my AL East analysis. Chris Davis, Tommy Hunter, Pedro Stop, Darren O’Day, Travis Adair, Taylor Teagarden, Clay Rapada, Willie Eyre, Zach Phillips. The Baltimore Orioles are essentially the Rangers AAAA affiliate. But they are trying, and in the right direction, aided by talented players that did not make the Rangers squad for various reasons. They will likely look up at all four of their division counterparts,

starting with the Toronto Blue Jays. The Jays have many talented bats including Jose Bautista and rising star third baseman Brett Lawrie, not to be confused with Jed Lowrie, which no one has ever done anyway. The wings and alcohol and all the turmoil that ended the Red Sox 2011 collapse is hopefully in the rear view mirror, with new manager Bobby Valentine finally leaving ESPN. But the Yankees will be stronger than Boston but not as strong as the beautiful masterpiece that Executive Vice President Andrew Friedman and company have built in Tampa Bay. The Rays could win 100 games. And Matt Moore is owned in 100 percent of fantasy baseball leagues on ESPN. 100 games.

American League Central

1. Detroit Tigers
2. 2?
3(2). Cleveland Indians
4(3). Chicago White Sox
5(4). Kansas City Royals
6(5). Minnesota Twins

There are only five teams in this division, but my predictions list 6 because QUITE FRANKLY *Stephen A Smith Voice* the Tigers could, should, and will win this division by at least double digit games. The Indians are getting closer and closer with additions like Ubaldo Jimenez and Derek Lowe in the past year, and young bats like C/1B Carlos Santana, (Who they got from the Dodgers for frikkin’ Casey Blake…lol…the Dodgers catcher is AJ Ellis!) 2B Jason Kipnis and emerging star shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera, the Indians are the biggest roadblock to running away with this division for the Tigers. Yes, Detroit took a big blow with Victor Martinez likely missing the whole season, but another one of my favorite front office gurus in the game, Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski spent the big bucks to sign Prince Fielder, with Miguel Cabrera making the move to third base, which should (and already has) provided a lot of highlight material. The White Sox veterans will keep them around and cost them a higher draft pick they could use, and the Twins may end up with the worst record in baseball. Stuck in between are the up-and-coming Kansas City Royals. Future MVP candidate 1B Eric Hosmer leads a growing group of young, great, young talent. Maybe 2013 is their year. Or 2014. Prince Fielder will still be a Tiger then, though… also in 2021.

American League West

1. Texas Rangers
2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim WC
3. Seattle Mariners
4. Oakland Athletics


Billy Brad Pitt Beane has once again started from scratch. He hasn’t done that since…2010. Jonah, were you even advised on this one?!?!?! (doesn’t look like it) The Athleftovers unloaded talented pitchers Gio Gonzalez and Trevor Cahill to Washington and Arizona respectively for a combined eight prospects, highlighted by pitchers Jarrod Parker from Arizona and Brad Peacock from Washington. They also signed Manny Ramirez. Yeah… So Oakland is not relevant for 2012. The Mariners have plenty of young talent as well and unless skipper Eric Wedge somehow finds a way to pitch “King” Felix Hernandez every other day, the Mariners won’t challenge the division elite. And the division elite are the Angels. The Angels made the biggest splash of the summer by far when they signed Albert Pujols to a gajillion dollar contract through whenever Doomsday happens. On the same day and pretty much at the same time Pujols was locked up the Angels also signed former Texas Rangers back to back ace of the staff CJ Wilson. A few months later Wilson tweeted out former battery mate Mike Napoli’s cell phone number as a prank. What a d*ck. (Can I say that, Dan?) The rivalry between these two teams surely intensified with these transactions by L.A. But the Rangers will continue to rule this divison and the league, returning to the World Series for the third straight year…Will they win it? Check the page next weekend, folks…I’m big now, it’s a tease!

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