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Rent a Person

Posted by    |    January 4th, 2012 at 8:01 am

Men of Dallas, do you have a dead end job or little to live for?  Do you seek support, positive motivation, or that spark to motivate you to do great things for mankind?  Ok, we overdid it here, but “Rent-A-Person” is a romantic musical comedy about a men’s room attendant who revolutionizes rush hour traffic.

This excellent short film tells the story of a bathroom attendant who earns little money catering to men’s restroom needs.  After establishing his plight, this lost soul is approached by a man who asks him to get in his car so that he can take the carpool lane and be on time for his busy life.  The bathroom attendant attends to his needs, but in doing so, his life is altered as he seizes the opportunity to become an entrepreneur.  He begins a business in which people can rent a person to save time by being able to drive in the carpool lane.

Over time, his employees demand more wages and his desire to lead diminishes.  His social life never improved with financial success, and he ultimately return to being a bathroom attendant.  It is at that moment when he meets the attendant in the ladies bathroom.

Starring James Haven. Writer/Director/Composer — Kurt Kuenne. Winner of Audience Awards at 2004 Cinequest, MethodFest, Marco Island Film Festival and Dam Short Film Festival. Winner – Best Narrative Short, Atlanta Film Festival. Winner – Visual Excellence Award, Cleveland Film Festival. Winner – Best Score, 1 Reel Film Festival. Winner – Gold Special Jury Award, Houston Worldfest. Winner – Best of Fest Comedy, Breckenridge Festival of Film.