The Fallen: A perspective on human loss in WWII and other wars

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A New Man

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The review is by editor of the week, Rob Munday, at  Supported by the Kevin Spacey Foundation and based on Etgar Keret’s story Healthy Start, A New Man is a short firmly focused on narrative and performance. This is the tale of an ordinary man, in an ordinary setting, looking to spice up his mundane existence – again, something many of us will have thought about at some point in our life. At the end of Thompson’s tale, as we’re left staring at Charles blood-splattered smile, we’re left pondering not only what will happen next for his protagonist, but also that maybe it takes the most painful moments to rediscover a lust for life.



Journey of the Beasts

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Salomon Ligthelm is so talented, and so we at YouPlus Media thought this video would add to your understanding of the artist and human being.


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Font Men – SXSW 2014 Official Selection

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Chapel Perilous

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Apocalypse Rhyme

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Who’s Who On a Movie Crew

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If you couldn’t already tell, we here at YouPlusMedia love movies. Whether it’s an independent short film or a high budget thriller, we love watching stories unfold between characters that are made even better with good cinematography and music. Often times however as movie audiences, we get so caught up in the movie magic we don’t think about the team behind the scenes that make the movies possible.

This team is called the movie crew, and that movie magic I mentioned earlier, they make it happen. The crew consists of a director, producer, gaffer, grip, assistant director, sound recordist, set and costume designer, unit production manager, boom operator and cinematographer (or director of photography).  You no doubt already know what a director does and you can probably guess what a costume and set designer does, but what about a gaffer or a boom operator?