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A true talent can be found here.

The Runaway

Posted by    |    July 1st, 2013 at 4:20 pm

How did this money end up on the ground? That is the question that begins Victor Carrey’s The Runaway, a charming short film that makes you stop and think of all the stories that surround us in our every day lives. In the first half of the film the narrator sets into a rapid-fire explanation of how the money came to be on the street. In a very Jean-Pierre Jeunet (director of Amelie) manner the narrator reveals the origins of the money through a less than linear explanation that exposes the complex web of connected occurrences that make up that singular moment. It is through the narrators A.D.D.-like tendencies that we see the stories behind objects and people that we may have never even noticed before.


Short Films: “Table For One”

Posted by    |    July 1st, 2013 at 12:55 pm

In the past, I haven’t spent much time with short films, but just recently I saw one that caught my eye. Table For One tells the story of Philip, who is constantly looking for something more in his life and one day comes home to find his world upside down as his apartment has been transformed into a real life restaurant. Part of the “Short Of The Week” short film series, Table For One is original, simple, funny, and all around well done.

Philip is an everyday guy with average, boring problems. Everything in Philips’s life seems to be in limbo as he is waiting for something great to happen at work, in his love life, etc. Table For One starts off with Philip at work speaking to his boss. After an awkward and unsuccessful meeting, Philip goes back to his desk and begins talking with one of his female colleagues, who happens to be extremely attractive. One thing leads to another and the two decide they might get together later that night. Fast forward to Philip arriving home after work, and this is where the film gets interesting: Philip’s apartment has been turned into a restaurant. The rest of the film is fresh, hilarious, and very entertaining as Philip experiences what its like to wait for a table in his own home, a metaphor for his entire life of waiting. (more…)