Moving Day: One Surprisingly Sassy Short Film

Posted by    |    November 28th, 2011 at 2:21 pm

Ever watch a film and think it’s going to be one thing, but it totally surprises you and becomes another?  A good example of this was the recent release of the film “Drive” with Hollywood sex symbol Ryan Gosling.  The incredible visuals, the lack of dialogue, and the amazing soundtrack seemed like the perfect storm of cinematic awesomeness.  Then the story takes a dramatically gory turn that you aren’t quite prepared for, and it goes from Oscar contender to a B-list horror film.  (I apologize if you loved “Drive”.  I loved the first quarter of it, but the rest? Bleh.)

What does this have to do with new short film “Moving Day” by Jason Wingrove?  Well, this film has a similar quality in that it delivers the unexpected, all while wrapped up in a cinematic bow.  The angles, the lighting, the effects, and of course, the acting are all brilliantly executed.  So when the premise of a little girl encountering her first moments in the house her family is moving into starts to seem a little slow, this Wingrove packs a punch that snaps you back to attention.  Oh, the eye candy shots of her bathed in sunlight on the staircase or walking through the front door in a clever mirrored shot are enough to keep you interested, but the twist is what keeps you enthralled.

Case in point: have you ever peeked in on a young child playing pretend alone?  You observe them playing with their toys, looking sweet and innocent…. downright precious.  That is, until you realize they are using their G.I. Joe to annihilate Barbie.  The irony of this picture is exactly what “Moving Day” tries to capture, and it does so beautifully.  The little actress in the film is as good of an actor as I’ve ever seen from a child, and the plot twist alone is worth giving this film ten minutes of your time.  Watch “Moving Day” and enjoy the darkly sweet story.

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  1. This short film sounds like my household…cute kids doing the most interesting things with their toys. Who knew that Darth Vader really lived in Strawberry Shortcake village ;) BTW I love DRIVE – full of symbolism.