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Who is excited? Who is totally freaking out? Who wants to run in the opposite direction and scream “VIVA VILLAGE BURGER BAR” at the top of their lungs?

Dallas does a damn fine burger, but there is just no comparison to the miraculous fast food dining experience that is the illustrious In-N-Out.

Speaking as a Californian, I’m nervous. Very. Nervous. The good thing about In-N-Out being thousands of miles away, (as will be the case for the next 16 hours) was that I could only eat it about three times a year during visits to the homeland, docking my calories at bay, and tricking my taste buds into special sauce hibernation. Now that In-N-Out is grabbing hold of the Metroplex with its perfectly cut fries and beautifully buttered buns, I can’t even begin to imagine how many late nights will end with a “Hey…let’s go to In-N-Out.”

I plan on avoiding the Frisco area for the next six months, waiting for the lines to thin out like runny ketchup; but that won’t stop our video crew from documenting what will probably be one of the most exciting things to happen to DFW since the Rangers were crowned ALCS Champs. And that was a big freakin’ deal.

Tomorrow, YouPlusDallas will be at the Frisco location, very bright and very early, to capture the glory of In-N-Out on film. We’ll also be interviewing G Spook, from K 104FM, who will be the first person in line.  Don’t mind us if we walk away with a weeks worth of double-doubles.

Author’s Note: There are two distinctly different dining experiences between the gourmet burgers of Dallas and In-N-Out. It’s a very square peg round hole situation. In a battle of burgers, it’s Tyson vs. Holyfield, and tickets are as cheap as $1.65.

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  1. Brad Holden says:

    Unvelievable post! I live 5 minutes from this location in Frisco and am ready.