Meddlesome Moth Has The Best Beer Selection In Dallas. Yeah, I Just Said That

Posted by    |    June 30th, 2010 at 3:21 am

I post this under the Restaurants blog because Meddlesome Moth is indeed a restaurant, with a unique menu offering shared plates with a gastro-pub theme. I could talk more about the food, or how the Design District is on its way to being the next uber hip ‘hood in Dallas, but I’m just to eager to talk draughts, ales, lagers, and BEER.

The Moth has 40 draught beers, some live ales, and 75 (oh no he didn’t!) yes, I did just say 75 bottles of beer to choose from. Prices range from $5-$30 for a beer, and chances are if you’ve seen it on a commercial, they don’t serve it. Trying to describe all the different kinds of styles they have via this blog would be like trying to describe all the rules of football to a girl, so I won’t. Just go here, and check out the menu. Or, for the real fun, go there, and start sampling the beers.

The patio is perfect. So perfect, in fact, I didn’t want to post this because I want it all for my friends and myself, and no one else. Again, I won’t try to fully describe its perfection because at this point if you haven’t made up your mind that you need to go here A to the SAP, then you’re helpless.

Enjoy it now; share with me which beers you like best, and a toast to The Moth for bringing a REAL gastro-pub to Dallas.


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  1. Tom Vincent says:

    That’s a pretty bold statement David. When it comes to the ultimate beer experience in Dallas I’m an Eno’s Pizza Tavern kind of guy.

  2. David Dean says:

    I’m a big Eno’s fan all around. Both beer menus give each other a run for there money. The more options Dallas gives me for great beer selection, the better.

  3. Jeff Hinson says:

    Larry and Shannon have done a first class job with the beer selection.