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The Way by Rudy Pohl

Posted by    |    April 29th, 2012 at 8:00 am

From time to time we run across stories that we believe our friends in Dallas and around the country might want to view.  Rudy Pohl created this video and provided this narrative on

“At the age of 30 I had been an atheist/agnostic for almost 20 years having made a conscious decision against God when I was 10. With a science degree in molecular genetics and my only interest being making more money I was deeply entrenched in unbelief… until one day in 1980, God came knocking on my heart.

Through a series of miracles and supernatural encounters God revealed Himself to me. He showed me the Truth and the Way to Life through His Son Jesus. That summer, my wife Marny and I sold our luxury home, our 40-acre hobby farm, and our business. We headed off to seminary for 3 years of ministry training and we’ve been serving God ever since. (more…)