Posted by    |    August 1st, 2012 at 5:40 am

Believe it or not, I married the most gorgeous girl … ever!  I believe that with all my heart because I have chosen to make Lea my standard of beauty.

I love hearing husbands praise their wife’s beauty, and I love when wives talk about being married to the most handsome man in the world. I whole-heartedly believe that your spouse should be your standard of beauty. In case you’re not catching on … let me explain better. Whoever you’re married to, is what you should be “into.”  Meaning I am totally “into” brown-eyed, brown haired girls. WHY? Because that’s what I married. If you married a blonde, you’re into blondes. If you married a mechanic … you’re into mechanics. If you married an Asian … you’re into Asians. If you married a Kindergarden teacher … you’re into Kindergarden teachers. If you married a short person … yip, you guessed it … you should be into short people.  You’re into what you married.

When my wife had her hair cut a certain way, I had a friend who continually told me that she looked like Victoria Beckham. After looking up who Victoria Beckham was, my only response was, “If my wife and Victoria Beckham look anything alike, then Victoria is a very lucky lady.”  I feel that way because Lea is my standard of beauty … and she is what I am “into.”

Personally, it really bothers me when married WOMEN post pictures of guys like Tatum Channing, Mark Sanchez or others on Facebook and Pinterest with comments like, “He’s so hot!” or “Yum!”  What bothers me even MORE is I know their husband is going to see it and that hurts them … no matter what they tell you.  And MEN, don’t ogle over someone of the opposite sex on television or at the movies.  Don’t compare your wife to some girl who’s been photoshopped on a magazine cover. Whether your husband/wife sees it or not … it’s called lust and Jesus called it “adultery of the heart.” Instead of focusing on someone other than your spouse … how about posting a picture of your husband/wife on Facebook and let the world know of your love for HIM/HER with a comment like, “This is the person of my dreams.”  Make sure your spouse knows that THEY are your standard of beauty, not someone else.

DON’T gloat over someone other than your spouse … make sure your spouse knows that they are your standard of beauty.  THAT will make for a much healthier marriage.

LISTEN CLOSE … instead of focusing on what you don’t have … pursue what you DO have.