Dump Day 2012 Update and Totals

Posted by    |    May 8th, 2012 at 5:40 am

Two beautiful girls from the dump.

Many have asked about totals for Dump Day. It’s become increasingly hard every year to get an exact total until about a month or so has passed and everything has come in. We try hard to keep up with it on this blog, but not everybody posts what they gave, which is fine.

Here’s what we do know … right at $40k was pledged on this blog on Dump Day 2012 for the Dump Ministry. We also know that Bobby Moore and the wonderful people at Bread for a Hungry World, added $25k in matching funds, making our total right now around $65k; which is incredible, awesome and amazing. We totally give God every ounce of credit.

What we’ve learned in the past Dump Days is that many times more comes in than was pledged. So, if that happens there’s a chance that $65k will be more. Marc Tindall, missionary in Honduras, said that with the number over $50k, there will be funds for a couple of our “wish list” projects at the dump.

A big thank you to everyone that has fasted, prayed, and given to this ministry. Thank you for honoring and helping the poor on Dump Day 2012.