Twelve religions in twelve months

Posted by    |    April 23rd, 2012 at 6:45 am

Project Conversion Andrew Bowen practices 12 religions in 12 months Facebook profile picture (Credit: Project Conversion/Andrew Bowen via Facebook)Did you hear about the man who practiced twelve religions in twelve monthsAndrew Bowen was Hindu in January, Baha’i in February, Zoroastrian in March, Jewish in April, Buddhist in May, and agnostic in June.  He practiced Mormonism in July, Islam in August, the Sikh faith in September, Wicca in October, Jain in November, and Catholicism in December.

Why?  The 29-year-old resident of Lumberton, North Carolina says he became a Christian in high school and took “a nose dive into fundamentalism.  It just ignited a furnace in me.”  He met his wife in college; they eventually had two daughters.  In 2008, when his wife’s pregnancy threatened her life, the couple was forced to abort their child.  She became more committed to her Baptist faith, while Andrew grew bitter toward God.