I’m Going To Go To Work in a Dump …

Posted by    |    April 6th, 2012 at 5:40 am

Next week I’m starting a new job. Okay, so it’s only for 1 day, but it is a new job. My friend Marc Tindall has invited me to Honduras  next week to spend a full day working in the Tegucigalpa dump. Oh I’ve worked handing out food there many times, but this is going to be a little different. Marc wants to spend an entire day working in the dump … just like we were Honduran. The plan is to spend the day digging through garbage to find things we can recycle and sell … just like those who go to the dump to work. Usually a full day of chasing garbage trucks and digging through garbage brings them in about 1-2 dollars a day … they then use that to try and support their entire family.

When the food comes that Wednesday, like it does every Wednesday (due to Dump Day), Marc and I will go stand in line with the other workers and take our turn to get food. We’ll stand there and wonder … like the others … will there be enough this time for me to get to eat?

Why would we want to do such a thing? I think it will give us a better understanding of the life of the very poor … like … what they have to go through everyday just to support their family.

At the end of our time next Wednesday we’ll give the things we’ve collected to a poor family who live just outside the dump. They’ve just had a baby who was born with his intestines on the outside of his little body.

I’m excited about my trip to Honduras next week. As for my new dump job that starts next Wednesday … I know I’ll be very thankful at the end of the day that it is not my regular job. I’ll be thankful I don’t have to come back the next day, and I’ll be thankful that I don’t have to figure out a way to support my whole family on $1-$2 each day.

Dump Day 2012 is May 2nd, I hope you’ll be able to help financially that day to keep this ministry going.