3 Things I Learned This Past Week

Posted by    |    August 24th, 2011 at 5:40 am

“Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding…”~Proverbs 3:13

Life is about learning. Learning from mistakes, victories and others makes me a wiser and stronger person.  I’m always trying to learn things from everyday events. Little lessons hidden among daily events and activities. Some of the things I learn are beneficial and others are not. But as I see it … as long as I’m learning, I’m growing. So here are the things I’ve learned this week …

  • I learned that the second best job in the world would have to be that of an “official ice cream taster. ” I was asked this past week to be the judge of a homemade ice cream contest. Yip, you read that right. I still get chills just thinking about it. And get this, when I finished … they thanked me for helping them. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I should have had to pay them to get this job. Oh, I know you noticed that I said, “second best job in the world” because the VERY best job would have to be “official bacon taster.”
  • I learned that sometimes the best compliments are the ones that were never meant as compliments. Yesterday I preached a lesson on a very TOUGH subject. I dreaded it, fretted over it, didn’t want to do it … but knew it had to be said. It was one of those lessons that I didn’t want to preach and I knew they wouldn’t want to hear … but it still needed to be said. When it was over, I had the standard comments like “Nice sermon,” and “You stepped on my toes,” and “That touched my heart.”  I’m always thankful for feedback on things I preach, but when it came to this really tough sermon, the best two comments yesterday were, “I just want you to know I didn’t like that one bit.”  I smiled and replied, “Thank you. You obviously got the point because you weren’t supposed to like it at all.”  The other one was a first in my books, “Dude, you really kicked me in the crotch this morning.”  I laughing about that one. BTW: To my church family … please come back next week. I promise no more sermons like that … for a while. :)
  • I learned that it’s best to let the kids have their own lingo. I try hard to stay current with the words, music and movies that my children are tuned into. Lately my 15 year old, Connor, has been using the word, “Sick,” in reference to something he REALLY likes. For example, he was at Six Flags this past week and said, “Dad, the new roller coaster is SICK!” Translation, “Dad. the new roller coaster is AWESOME!”  I thought I’d mastered the word so I tried it out on Lea and told her, “Hey babe, your outfit looks really SICK today.”  For some reason it didn’t sound as “cool” as when Connor says it. I think I’ll let him keep his own word.

Wednesday I’ll give you all the details on the Jesus Banquet and the trip to Honduras this December. I’d love to have you go with me.

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  1. Sarah Beauregard says:

    Trey, I really enjoy your posts! What Church do you preach for??