The Power of QR Codes for Residential Real Estate in Dallas

Posted by    |    June 1st, 2011 at 5:00 pm

Common posts on the social media scene are talking about QR Codes, what they are and how to use them. Below I have included an example of what one looks like. This particular specimen links directly to Brad Holden’s Channel Page on YouPlusDallas.

A Brad Holden QR Code

Great, so what does it do? I get about a hundred questions a day asking me what is the point to these little pieces of pixel vomit. First and foremost, they are links. These bad boys are used to direct a user to a space online or download something onto your mobile device. Notice that I said mobile device. I wrote another blog article explaining why these things are awesome for folks on the go, not sitting in front of their computer. Read it if you need clarification, I’m not going to rewrite it here. Instead, I want to talk about how useful QR Codes can become in the residential real estate market (stay tuned for the commercial real estate market).

You have a house on the market and your For Sale sign is in the front yard. Rather than having the box with flyers of your home in it, you can have a QR code on the For Sale sign. People have smart phones with cameras more often than not these days, and it is a one step process to take out your phone and scan a QR code. The code can link to anything. It can take a potential buyer to a video of the home, to a website of the community, to an email submission page or a combination of all three. QR codes can also lead to some kind of incentive or contest where people may want to share your link with their friends who also might be looking for a home.

These little puppies are amazing  for on-the-go marketing, where people are armed with their phones but don’t want to be weighed down with extra pieces of paper or the need to type in long URLs. QR codes are still relatively new here in the US and many people are still figuring them out. Help them out by telling them to download a QR code scanner like Bakodo. The great thing about QR codes is that they are free to use, and they are useful – which means they are going to become common place sooner rather than later, so get ahead of the game!