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Real estate group closing in on purchase of four north Oak Cliff tracts

Posted by    |    March 12th, 2011 at 8:13 pm

A change of ownership is the works for four tracts of property prime for development in north Oak Cliff.

Cienda Partners, a Dallas-based real estate investment company, has a contract to purchase almost 20 acres of land along West Davis, Stevens Forest Drive and Kings Highway. The properties were formerly part of INCAP Fund’s portfolio but claimed by lender Amegy Bank in foreclosure.

“We will either turn around and resell them or get involved in a [development] venture,” said Barry Hancock, a Cienda principal. “We think these are great tracts at a great basis” price. He said he hopes to complete the sale within 30 days.

The four tracts are located at:

2105 W. Davis, 8.97 acres.
1836 W. Davis, 4.95 acres.
1818 Stevens Forest Drive, 4.37 acres.
1610 Kings Highway, 1.67 acres.

Read remainder of the article at Dallas Morning News

STAGE FRIGHT — TV has figured out a way to solve it

Posted by    |    March 12th, 2011 at 4:15 am

Even before I began hosting my first radio program when I was 14-years old, I’ve performed in front of audiences.  Some, when I could see them from a podium; nightly when I could see them as I played the piano in hotel dining rooms; other times when I knew they were listening to me on their radios but we couldn’t see each other; and, finally when I communicated with the audience through their third eye — the TV camera.

I haven’t had stage fright in years.  And a long time ago I learned how to keep those occasion from intimidating me — be prepared.  But this remedy doesn’t work for me when I’m appearing on TV.

For me, looking into a camera lens and speaking, whether with or without a Tele-prompter, is surreal.  It is every time, and it has been for all of the years.  I can’t put my finger on the reason.  And I’ve done a lot of TV, too.

Apparently many people who appear on TV feel the same way.  And I’m convinced that was the sole reason for the medium inventing the idea of having a person who is off camera and to whom the on-camera speaker is looking at and speaking to.

People need to see the eyes, facial expressions and other reactions of the person they’re speaking to.  This method gives them that opportunity.

When you’re interviewed on TV, make sure that the off-camera “audience” is to whom you speak,  It will make your presentation far better.

In my life as a salesman, I despise interacting by phone with potential clients.  And I think it’s for the same reason that I’m uncomfortable with TV appearances.  I need the benefit of the listener’s facial interaction and body language. 

So whenever I can, I take the time to drive to see them rather than to call, email or text.

How about you?



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There is a lot of stirring in the State of Texas about submitting a bill to voters that would legalize casino gambling

Proponents talk about how Texans’ gambling money leaves the state, going across in the pockets of players into Louisiana and Oklahoma.

They contend that if casinos were approved in Texas, the money leaving here for Louisiana and Oklahoma would, instead, be spent in Texas.  Their conclusion is that it could go a long way in solving State of Texas revenue shortfalls, and boost the economies of the various Texas cities where the casinos would be located. (more…)


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You’ve probably seen Mike Aubrey on one of the HGTV programs.  His message is always the same. “This place is a disaster.  You’re going to need to cut your price in half or it’s never going to sell.”  Usually the couple doesn’t listen to his advice, and it sells anyway.

<<–Realtor Mike Aubrey

Here’s the biography for Mike Aubrey:

“Realtor Mike Aubrey brings a distinct edge to the new HGTV series, Real Estate Intervention. His military and firefighter training helped shape his direct, straight-shooter approach for families who need his expert advice to sell their homes. (more…)

I was strolling through The Park one day…

Posted by    |    March 3rd, 2011 at 1:26 pm

You’ve been shopping in Dallas.  You’ve really been shopping in Dallas…considering that shopping is the number one thing to do here.  But, while furiously trying to find just the right top to go with that hip new skirt, did you ever stop to wonder what makes your favorite shopping center your favorite shopping center?

Well, I found mine!  And quite by accident, I might add.

While strolling through The Shops at Park Lane on one of the suddenly rare non-snow days, I had a thought.  “This place is cool.” (more…)


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A friend of mine found this letter from Houston’s mayor to a girl who was running for the May Queen of Reid Memorial Church in 1951. (more…)


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The apartment rentals of existing units have got to bump the top before single family housing will begin to recover. 



CARROLLTON (ALN Apartment Data) – Apartment occupancy and rents were up in January throughout the Texas markets covered by ALN Apartment Data.

Here is how eight Texas cities fared overall in January, according to ALN. (more…)