It’s a jungle out… here.

Posted by    |    August 14th, 2010 at 2:09 pm

Despite living in an urban area, it’s amazing the amount of wildlife that lives just outside your door.

My yard has been a home, or at least a temporary  path, to an amazing amount of wildlife.  Everyone has the normal selection of birds; bluejays, cardinals, doves, sparrows, grackles.  Dogs, cats, and squirrels are never hard to find, either.  But there’s always more.

Among the selection of fauna I’ve found are bunnies.  They like our house so much, they’ve established a nice little burrow near our front walk.  No pair of bunnies would be complete without an annual set of baby bunnies to go along with them.  Unfortunately, I’ve had to rescue a couple from the jaws of death of my dog.   She doesn’t enjoy bunnies for quite the same reasons as my daughters do.

One year, a pair of armadillos decided to make a home under our shed.  The “Texas Speedbumps” like to dig up yards and gardens. We hoped they would dig where we wanted to plant bulbs, but they we’re interested in our gardening plans.  In fact, they seemed oblivious to us as we walked around them, yelled at them, and even nudged them with a stick.  They have poor eyesight, and apparently poor intelligence as well.  Probably why they are found under sheds, rocks, and the wheels of cars.

During the occasional rain, a duck or two will make it’s way up our creek.  They never stay long, but it’s nice of them to visit.

Other animals we’ve seen are skunks, raccoons, possums, mice, rats, and even a coyote loping across our lawn.   A snake and several  geckos (I’m fully covered, thanks for asking, Mate.) insure that the cold-blooded part of the animal kingdom is represented.

An African White-backed Vulture took a brief rest on our kids swingset once, too.  Since it was the one that escaped from the Dallas Zoo, I shouldn’t count it as part of the typical urban jungle.   It was quite a impressive to see its large wingspan as it went on its way.