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Give bars a rest

Posted by    |    September 14th, 2010 at 12:55 pm

Trinity Hall Pub in Mockingbird Station does not want you to go to a bar. Owner Marius Donnelly’s cheery Irish accent is worthy of saving you money on that trip to Ireland you were planning to take this year. Just park it right across from the charming pub’s seemingly endless beer and whiskey collection and listen to Marius tell you about his favorites from the UK.

Sports enthusiasts, welcome to your new hub. Soccer? Rugby? Yep. One of the top soccer pubs in Dallas, Marius and his seasoned staffers enjoy watching the game just as much as you. It’s like hanging out in your own living room, only with an infinitely cooler atmosphere, better drinks, and funner people (it’s a word). Yeah, it’s that same level of comfort.

Trinity Hall has a full kitchen with traditional Irish meals that are aesthetic as they are authentic, and a myriad of beer on tap (think: Guinness, Spaten, and Blue Moon). Great food, drinks, and the excitement of getting to know their patrons are their passions. When you stop by for a glass Dublin-inspired brew, don’t be surprised when you’re on glass number three trying on your own version of an Irish accent.