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osgood-o’neil salon, Treat Yourself!

Posted by    |    October 17th, 2011 at 10:06 am

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In terms of a hair cut, I’m perfectly willing to go to Supercuts. But when it comes to the color of my hair, the stakes are higher. Let’s face it, hair can make or break you, so having faith in the people tin foiling it up is immensely important. Three years ago, I was new to Dallas and completely clueless on where to get my locks lightened. An insightful friend highly recommended osgood-o’neil salon and I’ve never turned back. I literally refuse to go anywhere else.

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The salon, which has received several accolades for decor and colorists, is an experience every Dallasite should be lucky enough to have. Even men, there are lots of males in there every time I go. Receptionists and colorists look like they’ve stepped out of the glossy pages of an edgy magazine. Brick walls, beautifully stylized stations, chandeliers and couches create an atmosphere the Kardashians would approve of. It’s an upscale experience with an upscale price, but it’s worth every penny. I’ve been receiving compliments on my hair color for the past four years now. osgood-o’neil is particularly good with blondes, creating a naturally lightened look that gives me that uber-blonde look I had always dreamed of without making me look like one of Hef’s girls next door. Make sure you get their glaze treatment, one of the techniques that makes the color blend together naturally.