(Updated) Highland Park High School Evacuates Yet Again

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A Highland Park High School mother gets a phone call in our office around 11 a.m.

“Is it something at the school again?”

It was. Again.

Highland Park High School evacuated at 11 a.m. today due to a threatening note. This is the fourth time the school has been evacuated in the past few months, although no legitimate threat been found.

A letter from the district says: 


HP’s Harrison Frazar Gettin’ Jazzed in Memphis

Posted by    |    June 11th, 2011 at 4:18 pm

Former Highland Park Scot Harrison Frazar is en fuego right now, just three shots out of the lead in the Fedex St. Jude’s Classic in Memphis. The 39-year-old was a three-time all-state player and won two state championships with Highland Park High from 1986-1990. Harrison graduated from University of Texas in 1996 with a degree in Psychology and Business Foundations. He has split time between playing on the PGA Tour and also working in Dallas for a commercial real-estate firm as an analyst for office, retail and industrial acquisitions and development. Frazar has been close but never won a tournament; however, there is some consolation in that he has banked almost $10 million in winnings.  The mild-mannered pro has recently begun designing golf courses in Texas, but his passion is spending time with friends and family. Go Harrison!

UPDATE: Harrison Frazar hung on to win in a playoff over Swede Robert Karlsson, ending his 13-year drought and earning him a spot in next year’s Masters tournament. Frazar also took home a check for $1,070,000!


Highland Belles Have a New Director: She’s From Walter Kelly’s Former School

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Coincidence? You tell me. This is from the I-don’t-report-the-news-I-just-cut-and-paste-it file:

Shannon Harty Carlton was named Highland Park High School’s Belles Director May 5.

Ms. Harty Carlton brings nine years of experience as a high school dance and drill team director to Highland Park ISD. She comes to HPISD from Richardson ISD, where she served as director of the Desperados Country and Western Performance team at Richardson High School and as director of the Highlandette Drill team at Lake Highlands High School. She also directed the Hyline dance team at Westlake High School in Eanes ISD. As a college student, she was captain and sergeant of the legendary Kilgore College Rangerettes.

“Shannon has a history of excellence in leading dance and drill teams, beginning with her days a Rangerette and extending through her experience as the director of some of the top high school programs in Texas,” HPHS Principal Walter Kelly said. “She has consistently demonstrated the ability to combine the traditions of an existing program with the key elements of unity and teamwork among the ranks.” (more…)

HPHS Names New Scotsmen

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Forget the Blanket Award, National Honor Society, and Valedictorian. We all know the loftiest, most prestigious position in the high school firmament is that of … HP Scotsman. These noble young men will humbly serve their fellow students during the 2011-2012 school year — mostly by making fun of everything. The Fab Five are: Cliff Davis, Chris Smith, Patrick Galvin, Sterling Gomez, and Scott Christopherson. Well done. These merry men owe a debt of gratitude to this year’s outgoing team — Blake Jennings, Wes Cole, Jackson Morgan, Marshall Perry, and Schafer Smart— and new principal Walter Kelly, who brought the Scotsman back to prominence. Gentlemen, carry the flags, carry the pep rallies, and carry a sense of humor at all times!

Breaking News: Highland Belles Director Christie Crummel Resigns

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It could be an April Fool’s joke but an email that just arrived in my box says this:

Dear Highland Park High School Families,

 Highland Belles Director Christie Crummel will resign at the end of this school year to pursue other career opportunities. We greatly appreciate Ms. Crummel’s seven years of leadership at Highland Park High School. Under her direction, the Belles have continued to achieve at the highest levels and to enjoy a reputation as one of the top dance and drill teams in the nation. Ms. Crummel will always be a part of the Scot family, and we wish her well in the future.

 In the upcoming days, we will begin searching for the next Highland Belles Director. We will work together with the Belles and their families to establish the criteria that will guide us in the hiring process.

 Thank you for your continued support of the Belles and Highland Park High School.


 Walter Kelly


Highland Park High School

Cheers, Ma!

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It’s an age-old debate: Should you provide alcohol to your minor children?  Now,  “provide” can mean different things to different people.  Provide can mean let them have a sip of margarita at Mia’s. Or it can mean allowing them to have a glass of wine at Thanksgiving dinner.  Or it can mean providing them with alcohol to drink at your home because, you know, they’re going to drink anyway, it’s better if you give it to them and they drink it at home.  Right?

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal provides an excellent review of this topic, and provides interesting statistics for you parents to chew on. 

72% of high school students have had at least one drink*

16% of alcohol users aged 12 to 20 got it from a parent or guardian*

6% of 12-to-14-year olds drank alcohol in the past month, nearly 45% of them got it from home*

All 50 states outlaw furnishing alcohol to minors, but 31 states exempt parents, gaurdians or spouses*

50% of the students who attended HPHS’s Hi-Lites dance in February were hammered**

* Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse; Alcohol Policy Information System; Youth Risk Behavior Survey; CDC; National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

** Not actual data, just speculation based on anecdotal feedback of people there who weren’t hammered

I have many friends who give tacit approval to their minor children, in this case, 16-year-old new drivers, to drink, or “pre-game,” especially before dances and parties. I do not.  My kids know that they cannot imbibe or I will blow a gasket or something far worse.  So far, so good.  What will happen when my son is a senior and he wants to have a few beers at a party?  I don’t know.  I hope that the values I’ve taught and the decision-making processes I’ve coached him on will kick in and he will break the law responsibly. OK, Kidding.  I hope he decides it’s more fun not to drink.

What’s your position?  Let them drink or just say no?

HP Ice Hockey Slaps Marcus, Keeps Winning

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The Highland Park Hockey team won its 7th consecutive game last Thursday with a 4-2 victory over Marcus.  The Scots controlled the game while improving their season record to 13-3-0. After a scoreless first period, the Scots scored 2 minutes into the second period as junior captain Nolan Baade scored assisted by senior Brooks Kelley and sophomore Aidan Schorsch.  The Scots would score twice more in the second period to take a 3-0 lead. Senior James Emanuelson scored from an assist by senior captain Stephen Callaghan. Baade scored his second goal of the game assisted by Schorsch and freshman Andrew Demmings.  Marcus came back in the third period with two goals and the Scots found themselves with only a 3-2 lead with 8 minutes left in the game. After a strategic time-out after the second Marcus goal, senior captain Crockett Burr scored an unassisted goal one minute later to build the lead to 4-2. The Scots would shut down Marcus the rest of the game for the victory.  Senior goalie Matthew Crow registered 17 saves in the game.

Additionally, senior captains Stephen Callaghan and Crockett Burr and senior goalie Matthew Crow were selected to participate in the annual AT&T High School Varsity All-Star game. The All-Star game was scheduled for the Dr Pepper StarsCenter in Frisco. Congratulations to Stephen, Crockett, and Matthew for being selected to the All-Star team.

Helmet Headache

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We all know that  in the Park Cities football is the sport of kings. Or maybe just little princes.  We also know that football is a rough, high-contact sport and players need to have excellent equipment to protect their bodies from injury. Especially their noggins. Head injuries in sports, particularly football, have been a major topic of discussion these past few months.  The National Federation for High School Association’s Football Rules Committee strengthened guidelines prior to the 2010 season to reduce the risk of players getting serious head injuries by having more stringent testing on players before the season and after a blow to the head.  Concussions are very top of mind (see how I did that?) for coaches, trainers, players and parents – regardless of the sport.  Which is why I, along with many other HP football parents, bought a very expensive Riddell Revolution helmet for my son.  Riddell claims that its helmet reduces concussions by 31%. 

Now Riddell is under investigation by the FTC because, apparently, these claims are completely unsubstantiated.  How does that make me feel?  Angry and scared.  I spent a fortune on a helmet thinking it was going to protect my son’s head in a football game.  Now it sounds like a bunch of hooey.

Anyone care to weigh in on this?

Jerry Sutterfield Named Coach of the Year

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There’s lots of reasons why Highland Park is consistently named one of America’s Top 20 high schools. One of those reasons is Jerry Sutterfield. A big, friendly country boy with a passion for straw hats and teaching kids, girls cross country coach and Athletic Director for Women’s Sports Jerry Sutterfield was recently named the 2010-11 4A-5A Coach of the Year by the Texas Girls Coaches Association.

Over the past 25 years, Sutterfield has built HP’s girls cross country into more than a sports dynasty (although it is certainly that); it is a place where teenage girls find solace, support, and strength. It is impossible to measure, or put into words, the impact that Sutterfield has had on the hundreds of girls who’ve run through his program, but the girls themselves eloquently made their case at last week’s HPCC Banquet where the praise came in wave after wave. Sutterfield, who coached this year’s cross country team to a 4A team state championship in November, is a tough fellow who is also prone to cry. This heartfelt emotion has endeared him to kids and parents (like me) who are lucky enough to have a daughter under Sutterfield’s encouraging mentorship. Congratulations to a fantastic guy who epitomizes what great coaching is all about.

Highland Park Hockey Beats Garland, 4-2

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The Highland Park Hockey team defeated Garland for the second time in the past three weeks by a score of 4-2 last Thursday (senior Brooks Kelley pictured at left).  Unlike the last two games, the Scots played a solid first period on defense and were tied 0-0.  Two minutes into the second period the Scots capitalized on a Garland penalty as senior captain Stephen Callaghan scored a power play goal assisted by junior captain Nolan Baade and freshman Connor Crow. After a Garland goal, senior captain Crockett Burr skated into the offensive zone and scored assisted by Crow to make it 2-1 after the second period. The Scots would score again early in the third period as sophomore Aidan Schorsch scored off of Crow’s third assist of the game. Callaghan completed the scoring for the Scots with just over a minute to play with an assist by senior James Emanuelson making the final score 4-2.  Senior goalie Matthew Crow recorded his league-tying seventh victory on the season while registering 27 saves for a 93% save percentage.  With the victory, the Scots are now 7-3-0 on the season and one game back of Marcus in the East Division.

The Scots next game is Thursday, December 9 against Lovejoy at the Dr Pepper StarsCenter in McKinney. More photos below.