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Too cool for school

Posted by    |    July 8th, 2011 at 10:39 am

Before we know it, little brainiacs everywhere will be heading back to school, leaving Mom with a little extra time on her hands.  Oh my, my, my…however will she spend it?  Might we suggest by getting a head start on updating your cool-weather-wardrobe? Just in time to shop the Autumn 2011 collection, Stella McCartney will  soon be opening the doors to her new, Highland Park Village diggs.  And fashionistas all over Dallas are giddy with anticipation. Here’s to hoping her kids line will be coming along for the ride.  Of course, considering that my toddler, Max, has recently decided that wearing clothes is no longer his thing…it might be wise of me to splurge on something for myself, instead. Come on, can you really blame the little guy? It’s hot out, right? Right?

So get ready, you stylish socialites. In just a few short months, label lovers with a particular fondness for Stella’s take on cutting-edge fashion, can delight over the eye candy she’ll be bringing to Big D, proving yet again, that Dallas is a designer shopping destination.  Yee-haw!

Core Fusion at Exhale Spa

Posted by    |    July 6th, 2011 at 11:56 am

I stumbled upon the magic of Core Fusion completely by accident. I headed over to Exhale Spa under the false illusion that I would be taking part in a beginner’s yoga class (there’s no shame in being a beginner, okay?), but was abruptly denied my soothing, amateur class and told that my only option was Core Fusion. I had to buy special grippy socks was informed that this particular workout would focus on every part of my body. I was terrified.

I put on my grippy socks, grabbed a matt, ball, belt and weights and awaited my fate. I would either fail miserably or receive one of the best workouts of my 21 years in existence. I’m happy to say it was the latter.