New Conservation Ordinance

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 As many of you already know, the process to become a conservation district is undergoing reconstruction.  
More & more neighborhoods are looking into the protection a conservation designation can provide.  The
process has always been a difficult and often times confusing one, with many neighborhoods waiting a long  
time to hear anything back.  Hopefully some of these issues will be resolved, but it will still require due diligence
on our part for it to reach a successful conclusion.

Preservation Dallas has been holding meetings to discuss the potential changes to the Conservation District
ordinance as proposed by City of Dallas staff and the Zoning Ordinance Committee. The meetings presented
opportunities for them to collect feedback from the different Conservation Districts on the proposed ordinance. 


The Zoning Ordinance Committee were to review the final draft of the Conservation District ordinance on Thursday,
March 6th in City Hall conference room.

Click here for the Ordinance changes, per Preservation Dallas
Click here for the Flow Chart of the changes from Preservation Dallas.
Click here for Angela Hunt’s updates & comments on the changes, which includes analysis by Melissa Kingston
of the Belmont Addition neighborhood.


#DPDSafeCycle to Help Make Dallas Safer to Cycle!

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Tag the chief at @dpdchief

Local Dallas Bike Friendly advocates are organizing and looking for quick wins to help make Dallas a safer place to bicycle.  BFOC recently met with the Chief of the Dallas Police Department and several issues were discussed.  One very important issue that came out of that meeting was how the DPD and Bike Friendly groups can work together to make Dallas a safer city to ride a bicycle.  Chief Brown was very supportive, and wants to help educate his officers and the general public about the safe passing law recently approved by the city, as well as other issues related to city cycling.  He even wants to setup a team challenge of some kind this Fall between locals and his bicycle patrol members!  We’re ready, Chief Brown!


This initiative has been conceived by local bicycle advocacy groups as a quick and easy way to work together with the Dallas Police Department and other city departments to report unsafe cycling issues you may see while riding your bicycle.  Here’s a brief list of the types of issues you may want to report using your smartphone, a picture and your Twitter account:

*Note:  If you are involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, please call 911 first and seek medical attention if needed.

  • Bicycle Infrastructure Issues
    • Cars parking in a non-shared, separate bike lane
    • People walking in a bike lane
    • Debris in the bike lane
    • Problems with existing bike lanes
    • Places new bike lanes might be placed
    • Inaccurate or incorrect signs, or need of signage
  • Unsafe Driving by Motorists
    • Unsafe passing by a motorist
      • Defined as passing with less than 3′ feet of space between you and the motor vehicle
    • Reckless and intentional actions made by the motorist toward the cyclist
  • Unsafe Riding by Cyclists
    • Not stopping at traffic signals or stop signs
    • Reckless and intentional actions made by the cyclist
    • Riding on the wrong side of the street
      • Defined as riding against the normal traffic flow
  • Accidents between cyclists and motorists

follow-us-bikeHere’s how to report:

  1. Use your own Twitter account
  2. Create a Tweet
  3. REQUIRED: Enter the hashtag #DPDSafeCycle
  4. Tag your favorite local Bike Friendly group, i.e. @BikeFriendlyOC, @BikeCedars, @BikeDFW, @BikeDeepEllum, @BFGreenvilleAve
  5. Tag your favorite bike shop, i.e. @SGCyclery, @ocbicycleco, @DallasBikeWorks
  6. Tag the chief of police and city departments, i.e. @dpdchief, @DallasPD, @CityOfDallas311, @1500Marilla, @DallasParkRec
  7. Enter the Location as the closest cross street
  8. Enter your safe cycling issue
  9. Optional:  Include a picture

Please share this with all of your bicycling friends so we can build up content to send over to the appropriate city departments, including the Dallas Police.  We are apart of making Dallas Safe to Cycle!

Lazaaaay lay bon tom roulaaaay!

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Get a costume ready, bike decorated, beads bought for throwing, and ride with BFOC in the 6th annual Mardi Gras Oak Cliff Parade on Sunday, March 2!

Our line up is #1. Meet-up is at 3:00 at Rosemont/ 7th St, and we’ll roll out ahead of the DPD lead car when Davis closes—around 3:50. All kids riding with Kiddical Mass are invited to lead BFOC at the front of the pack on the 1.2-mile ride into Bishop Arts. Lazaaaay lay bon tom roulaaaay! RSVP!

Parade Route

OOCCL February newsletter

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 To Download a copy of the OOCCL Feb newsletter, please click here……

The printed version does not include everything found in the monthly eNews, the Crier. If you would like to be included in
the Crier’s eNews mailing, please email VP of Communications on the contact page.


History of the Interstate Theatres

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 Presented by Preservation Dallas

~ before the curtain rises ~



Please note:  that though this event is Free and Open to the Public, reservations are required.  See flyer above for more information.

Meet your new Officers

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OOCCL Election Results


Elections were held Monday evening during the General meeting at La Calle Doce.
Congratulations to everyone.


New members-at-large are:

Lisa Benskin of Kings Hwy

Raymond Crawford of Kiestwood

Karen Ray of El Tivoli Place

Pam Conley of Kidd Springs

Stan Aten of Wynnewood Hts


Your new officers are:

President:                                               Lisa Benskin, Kings Hwy

Executive Vice-President:                      Rhonda Turner, Ravinia Hts

Treasurer:                                              JD Jasso, El Tivoli Place

Secretary:                                               Karen Ray, El Tivoli Place

Vice-President of Neighborhoods:         Jacques Groth, West Kessler

Vice-President of Memberships:       Raymond Crawford & Judy Brooks, Kiestwood & Kiest Park Community Group, respectively

Vice-President of Communications:       Lybo Buchanan, Kings Hwy

Past-President:                                       Phil Leven, Hampton Hills


Lisa Benskin is very excited to be the new President of the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League. Though she is relatively new to the organization, joining as a representative of Kings Hwy Conservation District in 2012, she said she knows non-profits. That is what she does. Her energy & drive will be an asset to the League. She also serves as the current President of the Kings Hwy Neighborhood.

Proposed Jefferson Blvd. Zoning Presentation – Hitt Auditorium – 1/13/14

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Jefferson Boulevard Presentation 1.13.14 by Adam White