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History of the Interstate Theatres

Posted by    |    January 28th, 2014 at 5:29 pm

 Presented by Preservation Dallas

~ before the curtain rises ~



Please note:  that though this event is Free and Open to the Public, reservations are required.  See flyer above for more information.

Meet your new Officers

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OOCCL Election Results


Elections were held Monday evening during the General meeting at La Calle Doce.
Congratulations to everyone.


New members-at-large are:

Lisa Benskin of Kings Hwy

Raymond Crawford of Kiestwood

Karen Ray of El Tivoli Place

Pam Conley of Kidd Springs

Stan Aten of Wynnewood Hts


Your new officers are:

President:                                               Lisa Benskin, Kings Hwy

Executive Vice-President:                      Rhonda Turner, Ravinia Hts

Treasurer:                                              JD Jasso, El Tivoli Place

Secretary:                                               Karen Ray, El Tivoli Place

Vice-President of Neighborhoods:         Jacques Groth, West Kessler

Vice-President of Memberships:       Raymond Crawford & Judy Brooks, Kiestwood & Kiest Park Community Group, respectively

Vice-President of Communications:       Lybo Buchanan, Kings Hwy

Past-President:                                       Phil Leven, Hampton Hills


Lisa Benskin is very excited to be the new President of the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League. Though she is relatively new to the organization, joining as a representative of Kings Hwy Conservation District in 2012, she said she knows non-profits. That is what she does. Her energy & drive will be an asset to the League. She also serves as the current President of the Kings Hwy Neighborhood.

Proposed Jefferson Blvd. Zoning Presentation – Hitt Auditorium – 1/13/14

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Jefferson Boulevard Presentation 1.13.14 by Adam White


Some Change Is Good!

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As many of you know, Go Oak Cliff was formed back in 2009 with the intent of creating sustainable programming and initiatives that benefit historic Oak Cliff. Those of us who have served on the board over the past 5 years are proud to have been stewards of our community, and were honored to kickstart or be involved with so many great projects. The list of movements we have supported with proceeds from the community events include the 7th Street Mural Project, ReTree Oak Cliff’s inaugural planting project, sponsorships for college via the Oak Cliff Chamber’s Golden Oaks Scholarship fund, contributions to Sunset High School, Adamson High School, and Greiner Middle School, a donation to Rosemont Middle School’s first 6th grade class so that they could attend a Presidential inauguration in Washington D.C., and we continue to help fund ongoing projects, such as the building of a volunteer database for the Oak Cliff Foundation.

While the board of Go Oak Cliff will continue to operate a non-profit arm that will allow us to carry on doing philanthropic work in our community, many of our events will now be produced under a corporation. This will allow those who work to build successful programming to be compensated, whereas many of us were ineligible under the existing non-profit structure. We’ve enjoyed being able to work in our community for the past 5 years, but we believe that programming as value, and we should be able to compensate ourselves for our time invested in fostering growth and community in historic Oak Cliff.

We look forward to continuing to work with our neighbors, our area business owners and developers, members of the media, and the legendary “bridge and tunnel” crowd that roam the streets of Oak Cliff to showcase what has made this area so special.

1929 Humble Station For Sale Again

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The 1929 Humble Station on the corner of Zang and Beckley and across from the Oswald Boarding House is for sale again.  The station was on our 2012 Architecture at Risk List.  

The asking price is $349,000.  Historic tax credits, the upcoming Gateway zoning matter and upcoming streetcar project are all positives for this unique piece of property.  Just across the street is the Lake Cliff Historic District and including the station in the district would not be difficult opeing the way for historic tax credits.

The station is one of only 2 left in the state of Texas.  It’s twin in San Antonio was turned into a restaurant called Bliss.  

Ray Porter Memorial

Posted by    |    January 1st, 2014 at 10:04 am

On December 27th, Ray Porter succombed to a short difficult battle with a rare form of liver cancer.  Ray was a competitive cyclist and member of the Oak Cliff Bicycle Company competing in scores of professional marathon cycling events; some for hundreds of miles across state lines.  Ray was a great friend of the League.   
Ray is survived by his wife Gina Porter who served as both our Treasurer and Secretary and for years as the Neighborhood Representaive frrom Beckley Club Estates.  Our love and our prayers go out to Gina during this difficult time.

A memorial for Ray will be held at the Kessler Theater on January 19th at 3:00 PM.  Gina has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Big Pig Cancer Foundation.  If you’d like to give personally towards Ray’s medical expenses there are two ways.  You can purchase a Wristband for Ray or go to GoFundMe and contribute.  Once all of Rays expenses have been satisfied, extra donations will be given to the Big Pig Cancer Foudation.  Thank you.