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Texas Bike Lobby Day, March 25th

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Want to do something that can actually make a difference for bicycling in Dallas?  Attend Texas Bike Lobby Day on Monday, March 25th.

Bike Texas is organizing the event that takes place during our great state’s legislative session.  This year, Bike DFW, our regional bicycle advocacy organization, is handling the registration process and organizing transportation down to Austin and back for the DFW area.

BFOC is helping to rally the advocates by pledging 20 attendees to get a pick up in Oak Cliff!  The cost is $30, which includes breakfast, transportation, and the cost of organizing the day.  Here are the details:

Date:  Monday, March 25, 2013

Time:  5:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Bus Pickup Location:  TBD (working on an Oak Cliff pick up if we get enough attendees)

Where:  Texas State Capitol in Austin

Cost:  $30 per person; includes breakfast; will need $10 for lunch

Register Here!

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Sponsorship Information

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……………. and ad rates for the 2013 Home Tour,

can be found under Tour in the upper menu.


BFOC Needs an Accountant

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Dear Loyal Bike Friendly OC Bike Lovers,

We’re growing! And we need some assistance keeping track of everything finance-related. We have a great treasurer who’s been keeping track of things up till now but she’s calling in for backup!

If you’re an accountant or know one, shoot an email to bfoc-board-2013 (at)


Your BFOC Board

Photos and Fun at the Bicycle Brewery Tour!

Posted by    |    February 18th, 2013 at 2:32 pm

We probably just made another signature Bike Friendly Oak Cliff event yesterday at the inaugural Bicycle Brewery Tour!  With the help of some of the best winter weather in our parts, we managed to convince over 150 bicycle riders to sample a great selection of our best local, craft brew.

A huge thank you to Klyde Warren Park, Community Brewing, Co., and Four Corners Brewery for helping to make it a spectacular “Things to do in Dallas this weekend”!!

Here are some pics we’ve procure from our event page:

Click to view slideshow.

Bicycle Brewery Tour, February 17th

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We all know that beer and bicycles fit like mustard and hot dogs.  It just feels right!  So, now that Dallas’ craft brewery scene is exploding and opening up new breweries right and left, we feel it’s time to permanently meld the new Dallas bicycle culture  together with a bicycle brewery tasting tour!


Orochi: The Serpent presented with a live score at Texas Theater 2/23/13

Posted by    |    February 13th, 2013 at 2:53 pm

Montopolis_OROCHI I love Texas Theater so much. The fact that they joyfully share with Dallas some of the most bizarre, obscure, obscene, hilarious and all around best movies ever made both old and new while selling beer make me a continuing happy patron of this fine theater.  Saturday February 23rd Texas Theater will prove how cool it is once again with a one night showing of  Orochi: The Serpant, the classic Japanese silent film from 1925. While this is pretty neat in and of itself, what makes the showing of this movie AWESOME is the fact that the group Montopolis from Austin TX, will be performing a live film score they wrote specifically for this movie.

Orochi: The Serpent “is the most popular and beloved film of Tsumasaburo Bando, featuring the star at the height of his fame. The film tells the story of a samurai who falls on hard times due to misunderstandings. It features brilliantly choreographed fight scenes, stunning cinematography, and editing that is years ahead of its time and downright psychedelic.” (via) This coupled with Montopolis’ film score, which has been described as being heavily influenced by late 70’s punk rock and analog synthesizers, will be nothing short of a incredibly unique experience. orochi-1925

If you’re a film buff of the Samurai movie variety or anyone who’s looking to check out something that’s just plain awesome, be at at Texas Theater next Saturday at 8 p.m.


Oak Cliff Mardi Gras parade

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altOak Cliff’s Mardi Gras just seems to get bigger & better every year. The Old Oak Cliff Conservation League, in position #17 in the parade, had invited other neighborhoods to bring their banners, t-shirts, etc and join them in the walk. Several neighborhoods accepted.  They were Kiest Park Community Group, West Kessler, and Wynnewood Heights.The League handed out their signature carnations to the throngs of people lining up along the parade route, as well as the familiar beads and colored plastic coins. The carnations were provided by Gina Stolly.
The parade started about a mile west of the Bishop Arts District, at Davis & Rosemont, and moved down Davis to Madison, then back up 7th Street to Bishop Ave, where it ended a few blocks later to the south.

How to create an uninviting and unloved public space

Posted by    |    February 11th, 2013 at 10:36 pm

“It is difficult to design a space that will not attract people. What is remarkable is how often this has been accomplished.” – William Whyte

There are a handful of exciting public space projects on the horizon in North Oak Cliff that will soon dot a stretch of Seventh street, creating an inviting pedestrian/bicycle experience that connects neighborhoods to destination points along the corridor with three planned plazas. A Bishop Arts Gateway that will act as the soon to arrive streetcar stop on the East side, Rosemont Plaza which will act as a resident oriented plaza on the West side, and a centralized public square in the center at Tyler street that addresses an extremely dangerous 5-point intersection. This corridor was the former streetcar line which ran parallel to Davis street and created a natural pathway from the neighborhoods to the commercial corridors along Seventh street.

plazas (more…)

“Meet & Eat” at Bolsa Mercado, Where the Wine Flows Like Tap Water

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bolsa mercado meet and eat 2

Last Thursday, I was thrilled to be invited to my very first “Meet and Eat” at Bolsa Mercado, the great little grocery store that houses all things local. Quick note: if you’ve never been to Bolsa Mercado, go and grab a sandwich, and latte, a Panini, a homemade sausage… just grab whatever, just go! You can thank me later.


Parade Watching Party 2013

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The 5th Annual Mardi Gras Oak Cliff Parade kicks off at 4pm on Sunday, February 10th, 2013 from the corner of Davis Avenue and Windomere (across the street from Nova Restaurant) and will rumble down Davis all the way to the Bishop Arts District. With nearly 60 parade entrants, it’s sure to be packed with lots of music, beads and fun for the entire family.

The pre-party this year will start at 12pm in the lot between Safety Glass and Calvario Funeral Home (312 West Davis, Dallas TX 75208), which has the benefit of seeing the parade pass on BOTH sides of the lot (both the Davis side and the 7th side feature the parade). Just like last year Michelle Carpenter and her Cajun friends and family will provide a full crawfish boil starting at 1pm, and we will have two beer tents to help wash it down. There will also be New Orleans sandwiches, red beans & rice, and jambalaya for sale in addition to the crawfish.

Here’s the line-up of the live music at the official Parade Watching Party:

12:15 – 1:15 Club Wood
1:40 – 2:30 Big Chief
2:50 – 3:30 Inner City All-Stars
3:50 – 6:30 Zydeco Blanco  (with a gap for the parade around 4:20 – 5:00)

The party will go until 6:30pm, or until we run out of crawfish! Bring some friends and join us for a great day in Oak Cliff!