Mayor Rawlings 10 Point Plan to "Grow South"

Posted by    |    March 5th, 2012 at 9:21 pm

Mayor Mike Rawlings recently launched his 10 point “Grow South” initiative in a series of 3 presentations at the South Side Studios on Lamar where the new Dallas TV show is being filmed.  Of particular interest to Oak Cliff residents is number 9,  “Make Jefferson Boulevard a Main Street for southern Dallas.”

“Unfortunately,” Rawlings said, Jefferson is currently “a Main Street with pawn shops and a payday loan here and there.” He called on the audience to help “return it to better days” and “create a gathering place.”

Jefferson was on OOCCL’s 2011 Architecture at Risk List due to demolition.  Three 1920′s era structures – one 2-story mixed use similar to Eno’s – were demolished in 2010 to make way for a drive up dental clinic design that ignored both preservation and new urbanism.  The street is the longest stretch of historic buildings in the Southwest and Oak Cliff’s greatest historic resource.

All 10.

1. Strengthen and engage neighborhood groups.
2. Create a culture of clean.
3. Strengthen schools.
4. Debunk myths.
5. Create a private investment fund for Southern Dallas.
6. Continue revitalization of Downtown and surrounding communities.
7. Implement West Dallas Design Plan.
8. Building out Lancaster corridor.
9. Make Jefferson Blvd. a Main Street for Southern Dallas.
10. Infrastructure for the Education Corridor.

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