Include the Dallas Zoo on Your Summer To-Do List

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The Dallas Zoo is a must see and do in Dallas, Texas. The 106-acre park opened over a century ago and has grown to be one of the best zoos in the nation. The zoo recently added the Giants of the Savanna exhibit where a multitude of species are able to roam the land freely, giving guests a unique experience. A menagerie of elephants to ostriches covers this land and shares the habitat; a new feature, since the zoo kept many species separated in the past. The Dallas Zoo is also home to the Wilds of Africa where you are able to go on a unique safari ride, gliding through the air and looking down on the animals from inside a monorail. The Dallas Zoo even has its own Gorilla Conservation Research Center.

The Dallas Zoo hosts one of the most unique parties of the year: the Zoo to Do. This all-inclusive party is a major source of funding for conservation of the Dallas Zoo and Dallas Zoological Society. There is live music, dancing and cocktails on the monorail while a silent auction continues through the night.

The 20th Anniversary of the Zoo To Do goes Hollywood on November 5, 2011. A “must experience event” just might knock your socks off as you party in what will feel like the wilds of Africa.

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