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Eat food for charity at the #SocialClubDinner White Party!

Posted by    |    June 25th, 2013 at 10:29 am

Eat food for charity at the #SocialClubDinner White Party!

5-Course Wine Pairing Dinner w/ Chef Tiffany Derry at Wine Poste

Posted by    |    June 24th, 2013 at 12:32 am

5-Course Wine Pairing Dinner w/ Chef Tiffany Derry at Wine Poste:

Spend an evening with Top Chef contestant, Tiffany Derry, at Wine Poste for a five-course dinner complete with wine pairings.

Get your tickets on

Before it gets hot, you should know where you can cool down (in…

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Before it gets hot, you should know where you can cool down (in a major way) and get some liquor in you at the same time.

The Quarter Bar (top left)$6 each

  • The Filthy Monkey (Chocolate Banana): 360 Double Chocolate Vodka, Malibu Banana Rum, and chocolate milk.
  • Pirate Booty (Root Beer Float): Kahlua Coffee Liquor, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Abita Root Beer.
  • Berry Pucker (Strawberry Lemonade): Three Olives Berry Vodka, lemonade, and fresh strawberries.
  • The Kokomo (Pineapple): Bacardi Pineapple infused Rum with pineapple juice and orange juice.
  • Laffy Taffy (Strawberry Banana): Three Olives Berry Vodka, Malibu Banana Rum, and pineapple juice.
  • The Dreamsicle (Think Orange Julius): Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka, and orange juice.
  • Blemonade (Blackberry Lemonade): Deep Eddy Vodka, lemonade, and fresh blackberries.

Revive Uptown (right)

Make your own with Poptails! (bottom left)

Can you think of another place that has booze pops?  Email me at!

Summer’s here. No question. Coppola has a few snow cone…

Posted by    |    June 16th, 2013 at 1:58 pm

Summer’s here. No question. Coppola has a few snow cone recipes for you to try out to attempt to cool yourself down in this weather.  Cheers!

Chardonnay Pink Grapefruit
2 ounces Gold Label Diamond Chardonnay
0.5 ounce Skylite Pink Grapefruit Syrup
8 ounces crushed ice

Merlot Raspberry Lime
2 ounces Blue Label Diamond Merlot
0.75 ounce Skylite Raspberry Lime
8 ounces crushed ice

Pinot Grigio Meyer Lemon Shiso
2 ounces Emerald Label Diamond Pinot Grigio
0.5 ounce Skylite Meyer Lemon Shiso
8 ounces crushed ice

In English, “Mi Piaci” is literally translated to,…

Posted by    |    June 9th, 2013 at 2:34 am

In English, “Mi Piaci” is literally translated to, “it pleases me”.  I think that’s a very fitting name for this restaurant, as everything about my evening there was pleasing, from the cocktails to the food to the service.  I first ate at Mi Piaci for my high school graduation celebration dinner with my family… and I remember loving it.  It looks like, while the decor has changed a little over the years, the rest of the experience is still top-notch.

We were seated at a table right by the window on my most recent trip, and that’s something you should always request when visiting.  Mi Piaci is situated on a small pond, complete with a lit water feature; needless to say, it’s a pretty great place to watch a fiery Dallas sunset.

Our meal started with a greeting from both of our servers, and the offering of two of my favorite things … alcohol and bread.  I started with a drink recommended by our server, an Italian Sparkling Pear (Grey Goose Poire, prosecco, St. Germaine, and lime juice), which was so deliciously refreshing that I had to make sure to pace myself and not down the whole thing in one gulp (pictured below).  My hot date and I agreed that the drinks were pretty damn strong.  You’ll want to be prepared to call a cab if you plan to stay for multiple drinks here!

MP’s wine list is extensive enough to offer a pairing for each dish, and definitely offers wines from all across Italy.  If you need any direction on which wine to order with you meal, the wait staff is knowledgeable and can help you do so.

Our meal consisted of a few rounds of fantastic food, starting out with their to-die-for olive bread and longer-than-my-arm breadsticks.  We perused the menu and tried with great consternation to make a decision on our entrees and agreed on the Arancini Aurora (breaded risotto croquettes with Italian sausage) as an appetizer (pictured bottom, left).  The balls of heaven were a great way to start the meal and really packed a lot of flavor in such a small package.  Get these.

Dinner for me was Fonduta di Tortelloni con Granchino (fontina cheese-filled tortellini with crab, vegetables, and truffle butter) and it broke my heart that I couldn’t make room to finish the dish (pictured left, 2nd from bottom).  The tortellini was plump and the crab was rich.  Our waiter made sure to give me tips on how to prepare the leftovers … what a mench.  My date ordered the Pollo Alla Marsala (roasted chicken with sweet pepper risotto in marsala wine sauce) and told me, “I liked it … and it was a good portion.”  He’s quite eloquent, no?

We didn’t have room for dessert (DAMN!), so I opted for another drink.  I left my drink decisions in the waiter’s hands once again, and he made another great choice by bringing me an off-the-menu orange martini that tasted like gourmet Sunkist spiked with prosecco.  My inner 12-year-old was delighted. (pictured right)

Stop into Mi Piaci for lunch or dinner in the dining room or a few drinks in the Luna Lounge, which serves Italian-inspired tapas and appetizers (along with their dangerous drinks, of course).  The Luna Lounge offers sumptuous velvet couches and inviting leather chairs under chandeliers, and what Texas lounge would be complete without a cowhide rug?

Mi Piaci | @mipiaci_dallas
14854 Montfort Drive (Addison)

***Please note: this meal was on the house.***

Art + Wine at the Station – Thursday, June 6, 6-8pm

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This Thursday, June 6, 6-8pm, join me at Mockingbird Station for Art & Wine at the Station. Small bites and wine will be served while you browse artwork by Michael Cross and Jeff Parrott.

For more information and to RSVP, visit

Ocho’s New Offerings Do Not Disappoint

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They call this place “Ocho” because I ATE everything…

I ventured into Ocho again to try some of their new offerings, both solids and liquids.  The meal started with tequila shots.  Usually tequila isn’t the way to get on my good side, but the shot of their Ocho Reposado began our meal on a surprisingly high note.

The wait staff made us feel at home, and was very attentive.  They were all willing to share their food and drink preferences and recommendations, but weren’t too insistent that we go with their choices.

After the tequila we, with some direction from our waiter, moved onto the appetizer of crab guacamole (top, center).  Complete with a stack of crab and homemade fried chips, I’ll have this appetizer again in a heartbeat.  To accompany the creamy guac, Micheal* treated us to a Skinny Cougar (left, bottom).  The SC was a refreshing grenadine drink that is a must-have while lounging on their airy (huge) patio.