The Classic Champagne Cocktail - Incredibly easy to make and…

Posted by    |    August 30th, 2011 at 4:30 pm


Lemon “twists”

Sugar cubes soaking in bitters

How it will look for you

The Classic Champagne Cocktail - Incredibly easy to make and it’s just delicious.

You’ll Need:
Dry champagne or sparkling wine – rose or white
Sugar Cubes
Lemon twists (don’t know how to make them and don’t have a zester? I didn’t either, but I watched this)

In a cup or small bowl, soak the sugar cubes in bitters – about 6-8 drops of bitters per sugar cube.  Drop a sugar cube in your champagne flute after pouring (two if you’d like it to be sweeter).  Place one lemon twist in the glass.

The picture of the cocktail was borrowed from as mine were in ugly plastic-ware.