There’s No Place Like Home

Posted by    |    November 30th, 2010 at 4:49 pm

I’m going to be honest and let everyone know that I usually don’t get out of my bed on a Saturday morning before 11 a.m. Yes, I’m 28, judge away. SO, when my alarm went off at 8am, on November 13th, 2010, it was a struggle…to say the least. However, almost immediately upon my arrival to the first Lakewood Home Festival stop, on Brookside right behind Lakewood Country Club, I could feel the energy and enthusiasm. It was 9:30 A.M., the first semi cold morning that Texas had seen (translation: freezing to us natives), and yet everyone was in great spirits; ranging from the multitude of volunteers (that means they did NOT have to be there) to everyone on the Home Festival committee. And everyone’s buzzed attitude got me over that early morning slump fast, as each and every person made me feel welcome and part of the team.

I’m going to be honest again, after the first two houses (being the Spanish Brookside home with the amazing view of the golf course, in addition to the incredible Lake Circle home with its contemporary renovations and a master shower to die for), I figured that my ADD would certainly kick in, but that wasn’t even a possibility. In every home and at every turn, there was either a volunteer spouting off facts about the room you were in, or possibly the interior designer/decorator telling you why the chose the décor they did. I’m an impatient and antsy person, without doubt, but I was genuinely interested in what everyone had to say. I was having fun.

Community is a powerful and strangely invigorating thing. I obviously was born and raised in Lakewood, but I truly believe that regardless of your own Dallas neighborhood, you could feel that presence of solidarity amongst everyone partaking in the Lakewood Home Festival this year. It was almost like a holiday with the fam, and everyone gets (or tries their hardest) along, exuding and remembering what the day (or weekend) represents. And while each and every home on the tour was amazing, in architecture, in décor, in lawn care, and in everything else, my experience with the Home Festival was even more. It reminded me why I love Lakewood so much. It’s a community that is unique and eclectic and yet remains classy; it’s sophisticated without being stuck up. Lakewood is a network of parents, neighbors, and volunteers that want to give back to the community and all in a laid back and easy going manner, exemplifying all of the qualities that I cherish in my own neighborhood, and home. So, congrats and thank you to the LECPTA for doing yet another fabulous job on the Lakewood Home Festival in 2010, and reminding me and everyone else what my ‘hood is all about.

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