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Ladies, Strap on those Sky High Heels, the Stiletto Strut is Back!

Posted by    |    March 1st, 2013 at 4:53 pm

If a woman were to have only one pair of shoes in her closet (gasp!), it should be a pair of killer stilettos. Preferably platforms, according to Senior Vice President and Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus Ken Downing. “The platform has transcended trend, because when you get three or four extra inches, who wants to give it up?”

The 6th annual Neiman Marcus’ Stiletto Strut is absolutely about rocking a pair of sky highs, but it’s also about raising awareness and money for The Family Place, an organization aspiring to end family violence since 1978. The stylish event brings hundreds of gals to the streets of downtown Dallas for a sassy walk down Main Street. The event originated in Dallas, but stilettos are now being strutted all across the country.

neiman marcus stiletto strut


Dallas City Lights Returns Saturday, November 17

Posted by    |    November 13th, 2012 at 4:55 pm

Now that we’ve finally broken free of the bizarre 80-degree weather, it’s time to focus on more important matters. Downtown Dallas Inc., the City of Dallas and their partners present City Lights opening on Saturday, November 17.


Sarah Jessica Does It Again

Posted by    |    September 14th, 2010 at 1:15 pm

Can anyone be considered more fashion-forward than Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself? Sarah Jessica Parker made her debut this week as Creative Director for Halston Heritage, the company’s secondary collection that sparkles with updated Halston pieces at updated prices.  Though SJP tried her hand at an affordable line for Steve and Barry stores several years ago (which was promptly discontinued a year later,) she is once again taking the fashion bull by the horns.  What does this mean for us devotees in Dallas? Well, Neiman Marcus, Saks, and Nordstrom all carry the line, which is good news for Dallasites who swooned over two of the Heritage collection pieces worn in the Sex and the City sequel this year.

I Spy Thigh High

Posted by    |    September 9th, 2010 at 2:14 pm

I have found my fall fashion obsession: a pair of thigh high Christian Louboutin black boots.  They are buttery soft, high heeled deliciousness.  These babies are a far cry from the Cole Haan penny loafers I begged my Mom for during junior high back to school shopping.  Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth both have them (for a whopping $2395,) and I’m planning on checking out the new CL boutique in Highland Park Village during Fashion’s Night Out tomorrow evening to see the whole fall collection. My only question: are these leather lovelies more fantasy than reality? More Kat Von D than Sandra Dee?  (Read: Will I look like I work a street corner with these on, or can they look classy?) Mom, I think I already know what your answer will be.

Tex in the City….Downtown Living

Posted by    |    July 22nd, 2010 at 11:42 am

If you’re thinking about moving into downtown Dallas but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, I’d like to offer my two cents.  Ten years ago, you might have been hard-pressed to find many true downtown dwellers, but Dallas city living has been making a strong comeback and lured people like me with its charms.

The upsides? It’s beautiful, day or night.  Just walking down the street in downtown, you absorb the energy of the city bustle and something inside you comes alive that isn’t there when you wander through Frisco or Southlake.  The personal contact with people from all walks of life remind you what makes our city great is the diversity and style that can only be found in Dallas. (Big hair and Cowboys jerseys, anyone?)  Spending time in Neiman Marcus’ flagship store is thrilling-you literally step into the most glamorous of aspect of downtown history. Grabbing a slice of Campisi’s pizza on foot and not worrying about finding a parking meter is empowering.  And yes, even the noise from visitors on Texas/OU weekend downtown is a nice remembrance that people do still care about team spirit and passion.

The downsides? People don’t like to visit you much when parking can be an expensive scavenger hunt. (Which might actually be an upside for some of you.) The occasional street fight may wake you up at three a.m. even when you live on the ninth floor of a building and all your windows are closed. Forget about a quick run to fill up your car’s empty tank before work; there isn’t a convenient gas pump downtown sporting a reasonable price tag.  All things considered, what do a few minor irritations mean when you have a mini-Manhattan experience right outside your door? Downtown Dallas is no longer just for corporate offices or a string of nightspots.  It’s a place to call home.