Mother’s Day at the DMA

Posted by    |    May 1st, 2013 at 11:54 am

There will be plenty of Mother’s Day brunches in Dallas to choose from, but wouldn’t it be right up your mother’s alley to spend the atrium-caferest of the day strolling around the Dallas Museum of Art? Soak up some culture catching some of the DMA’s newest exhibits as well as the works of Marc Chagall during the final month of the Beyond Color exhibit. You may even burn off some of brunch calories; walking is great exercise, no matter how slow.

Celebrate Mother’s Day at the DMA with a special Mother’s Day Brunch in the Museum’s Atrium. Sunday’s brunch features a carving station, made to order omelets, crepes made to order, and an interactive Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar.


Belo Gardens: The Wall of Spite

Posted by    |    May 8th, 2012 at 12:10 pm

The  formal opening of the Belo Gardens is May 10th.  The park is coming together and there are many elements of this park to like.  There is an one element that is not so popular, and Urban Planner Patrick Kennedy wrote this article about the 12 foot high, 60 foot yard-long “wall of spite”, that was constructed to separate the gardens from the Metropolitan Building.  We wrote our own article about this very topic last year.

Kennedy is a good writer, so we lifted this paragraph from his article, “Urbanism is about agglomerating compatible projects so that the value of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Think of a jigsaw puzzle. Any two pieces have a relationship. Everything has its place. The closer the pieces, the stronger that relationship must be.”  Kennedy goes on to say that walls are antithetical to good urban design.  Based on our own observation of this particular wall, we have to agree with Kennedy.

Belo Garden’s sponsors’ hope is that “Belo Garden will inspire others to contribute to help bring the rest of the Downtown Parks Master Plan to life” and that the gardens will provide “an urban oasis for Downtown Dallas residents, employees, visitors and students, and will stimulate economic development by creating in-demand views for nearby buildings.”  We hope so, but we will think about what might have been if UCR and Jack Gosnell could have leased spaces on the Metropolitan Building’s first floor to restaurants that could have designed their space to maximize the park’s amenities.

We give Belo high marks for developing the park and low marks for constructing the wall.  For now, we look to a great leader and eloquent orator who many years ago, implored the Soviets to “tear down this wall!”.   Perhaps, even at this late date, it would be wise to reconsider a bad idea and an impediment to proper urban planning.


A View from the Booth: The Fan Sports Lounge

Posted by    |    November 10th, 2011 at 5:39 pm

The powers that be at YouPlusDallas decided last night to attend the official opening of The Fan Sports Lounge. The Fan Sports Lounge is located on Olive Street near Victory Plaza and the new home of the Ticket. We had high expectations, and the evening did not disappoint.

The Fan Sports Lounge is the brainchild of CBS Radio’s Adam Mehl and restaurateur Bill Teague. We tip our hats to CBS Radio’s own Brian Purdy and Bruce Gilbert and to the senior management of CBS Radio for bringing radio to life. In an industry literally devoid of creativity at the top levels, CBS Radio did something incredibly rare:

    1. They listened to seasoned professionals on the ground.
    2. They took a well-calculated risk.
    3. They gave the authority to execute the deal locally and Bill built out and launched in about 90 days.

The place was packed, and the “Hotness Police” gave the evening a score of 89 out of a 100-point scale. And whomever you were sitting at the table next to the radio studio around 7:30 last night? All we can say is a heartfelt thank you.

The food was above average, and we particularly liked the pizza, reminding us that we can get a quality, thin-crust pizza, ala Enos Pizza, near our studios. The highlight for us, besides the scenery, was the huge television screen. Bill, you are brilliant.

We understand from reading D Magazine’s Front Burner that the Ticket Management had no comment. D Magazine should know by now that questions such as these should be directed to Atlanta.

Judging from the talent that made into the radio booth last night made us wonder if maybe being a DJ in radio can be cool again.

Dallas Farmers Market Announces 17th Annual Hoedown, A Tribute to Mama Ida Papert

Posted by    |    October 18th, 2011 at 6:00 am

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Slip on those cowboy boots because it’s time for the Dallas Farmers Market 17th Annual Hoedown. This year will be unlike the others not only because the Market will be celebrating its 70th anniversary, but it will also be a tribute to the founder of the Farmers Market, Mama Ida Papert, who passed away January 2011.

Texas classic rock band the Lil’ Blue Pills is set to perform along with auctions featuring local art, vacation packages, and more.

The event will take place at Fair Park, Food & Fiber Pavilion (1233 S. Washington Avenue Dallas, TX 75210) on Thursday, November 3.

The annual hoedown is hosted by Dallas Farmers Market Friends.

For more information about the event and ticket purchase click here.

The Taste of Dallas

Posted by    |    July 6th, 2011 at 10:03 am

What’s better than good ol’ authentic Texas food in the summertime? Almost nothing. The 25th Annual Taste of Dallas will be held in Fair Park July 8-10.  During these few days, top chefs from the best restaurants in the metroplex will congregate to provide Dallas residents and visitors with the best tasting foods and recipes. Delicious homemade and gourmet treats will be available, such as sauces, jams, olive oils, salsas and many others.  In addition to the provided food, renowned chefs will be performing live gourmet cooking demonstrations for the audience.

Are you a wine connoisseur? You can look forward to an extended menu of wine tasting and making demonstrations.  If you’re not a wine-o, there will be lessons on how to whip up an exotic cocktail to pair perfectly with the Texas summer heat.

Entertainment is a significant aspect of the three-day event. Local and regional musicians from a variety of genres will be playing music across the park, and artists will perform live art demonstrations.

If you really want to soak up some authentic Texas culture, head down to Fair Park and experience the best food, drinks and entertainment that the Lone Star State has to offer.

Viva Neo Pizza Napoletana

Posted by    |    June 23rd, 2010 at 8:32 pm

The owner of Olivella’s critically acclaimed pizzeria in Snider Plaza has overcome an obstacle in its life that many find to be the cause of deep-seated anger and patience issues: parking.

While we adore Olivella’s incredibly personal and unique atmosphere filled to the brim with scrumptiously authentic thin crust pizza, battling the lunch crowd in Snider Plaza is a defeating quest. The tiny restaurant is less than 900 square feet and only seats about 30. Thankfully, owner Charlie Green has expanded his vision of “Italianicity” into Victory Park with his new Neo Pizza Napoletana restaurant. Bravo Mr. Green! Now we can all breathe a sigh of relief in our cars as we speed down Hillcrest past everyone cramming into Goff’s and Chick-fil-A and head down to our free parking lot at Neo’s….too bad you all didn’t get the memo on youplusdallas! Reporter Annie Potasznik has more here.